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Wheatgrass Pills Vs. Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass Pills Vs. Wheatgrass Juice

Many natural health enthusiasts praise wheatgrass as a superfood, but engage in a wheatgrass pills vs. wheatgrass juice debate. Which product is easier to use and better for you? If made by an established natural supplement company, any wheatgrass product will offer you the hundreds of nutrients in this plant, called Triticum auestivum in Latin.      

Wheatgrass Pills vs. Wheatgrass Juice – An Overview

A young grass grown from the kernel or seed of a wheat plant, wheatgrass is a nutrient-rich part of the cereal grass family. Growers harvest the young wheat plant because it contains more nutrients than a mature plant. Harvested wheatgrass looks similar to the green grass on your lawn, but it's one of the most nutritious superfoods available to man. Wheatgrass can't be consumed raw by humans, since our digestive systems are unable to break down the cellulose in wheatgrass. Wheatgrass is commonly made into a pill, juice or powder which can be easily consumed. Although all three of these wheatgrass supplements give you this plant's nutritional advantages, wheatgrass pills are the best choice. For safety, convenience and extra nutrition from added herbal blends, choose wheat pills over wheatgrass juice.

Wheatgrass Pills Vs. Wheatgrass Juice – Cost, Convenience and Safety

Few people enjoy the taste of wheatgrass juice, even when it's sweetened with fruit or vegetable juice. The cost of buying a daily wheatgrass drinks adds up – a shot of wheatgrass juice at a health club or retail chain costs around $5, even more for a glass or take-home bottle. Some companies sell watered-down wheatgrass juice online. These bottled juices are mixed with fruit juices to mask the taste, and are just as expensive as retail shots. Diluted wheatgrass and fruit juices still retain the unpleasant taste of plain wheatgrass juice, according to many customers, with all the nutrients “processed” out of the wheatgrass. Storing bottled wheatgrass juice poses many problems with bacteria and contamination. You can't leave a wheatgrass shot or bottle on the table for a few minutes without possible airborne bacteria or mold ruining the nutritional value and causing intense side effects. Headaches, nauseas, fever, cramps and vomiting are symptoms of Staphylococcus aureus infections. Caused by drinking improperly prepared or stored wheatgrass juice, these bacteria are a source of food poisoning

Using a juicer at home presents the same problems you'll find with restaurant juicers. You'll need to keep the equipment clean to prevent bacteria from forming, and be judicious about using homegrown wheatgrass or powder to make your own juice. Making your own juice takes a good amount of time and care. Growing your own wheatgrass makes the process even more time-consuming. You need to soak the wheat grains, make sure the plants grow properly, and prep the sprouts for juicing. That's a lot to handle unless you're an experienced wheatgrass aficionado, and even then it's  a challenge to check for possible contamination.  

Wheatgrass Pills vs. Wheatgrass Juice – Why Wheatgrass Pills are Better

A bottle of wheatgrass pills lasts about a month for the cost of a week's worth of wheatgrass shots from a retail store. Wheatgrass pills are easy to carry from place to place, and you don't need to worry about refrigerating them. Made with high-grade wheatgrass, quality tablets are manufactured under strict safety guidelines. The best wheatgrass pills are made in an FDA-registered laboratory, with quality assurance inspections in place for every batch. An Independent Testing Lab approves product manufacturing practice, pharmacology, labeling and clinical data to further ensure safety, purity and effectiveness. Board certified technicians, which include physicians, botanists, chemists and biologists, clear wheatgrass supplements as being safe when taken as directed.

Look for Wheatgrass Supplements from a Reputable Company

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When you choose wheatgrass pills, look for a manufacturer adhering to these high standards. You can find this information on a company website or in promotional material. Established wheatgrass supplement companies will belong to the Natural Products Association, Organic Trade Association and similar organizations. Since wheatgrass pills and other supplements aren't evaluated by the FDA, it's important to choose supplements from a company belonging to verified natural products organization.   Here today, gone tomorrow nutritional companies give the natural supplement community a bad name; that's why independent testing labs, trade associations and other organizations are a valuable tool for consumers.

Wheatgrass Pills Vs. Wheatgrass Juice -  The History of a Superfood

The chaff and straw are removed from the whole wheat kernel to prepare the wheatberry

for human consumption. Wheatgrass has been used for centuries by many cultures for energy and medicinal purposes. Wheatgrass can be traced back at least 5000 years to ancient Egyptians, who prized it for its vitality and youth-preserving properties. The ancient Chinese used wheatgrass as a blood purifier, and the Greeks also used it for better health.

The first publicized modern use of wheatgrass occurred in the 1930s. Agricultural chemist Charles F. Schnabel used freshly cut wheatgrass to restore dying chickens' health. The hens responded to the wheatgrass treatment, and even laid more eggs than their healthier counterparts. He repeated the experiment the next year, and got better results – the hens doubled their egg production. Schnabel began making powdered wheatgrass, and soon cans of his product were distributed to American drugstores. Quaker Oats even devoted money to researching and developing wheatgrass products. In the 1940s, Boston's Ann Wigmore and her associate, Dr. Earp Thomas studied over 4700 grasses from all over the world and determined that wheatgrass contained the highest nutritional and medicinal value.  

Wheatgrass contains chlorophyll, the green pigment found in plants. Chlorophyll contains hundreds of nutrients necessary for human health, including B-complex vitamins, Vitamins A, C, and E, potassium, zinc, magnesium and other minerals, plus amino acids and enzymes. The vitamins and minerals in chlorophyll offer dozens of health benefits. They include improved digestion, better sleep and an increased sense of calm, regulated blood pressure and blood sugar, stronger hair and nails, clearer skin and more energy. If you want to lose weight or maintain your current weight, taking a wheatgrass supplement makes you feel fuller after meals, preventing you from eating too much and consuming more calories.

Other Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

  • Detoxifies poisons in your body, flushing them out to leave you feeling fresh and vital
  • Increases blood flow and oxygen flow, helping you focus on tasks better
  • Bolsters red blood cell growth to prevent anemia
  • Tones up stomach and intestinal muscles
  • Prevents your body from absorbing more toxins in food, air and water

High-grade wheatgrass supplements are safe to use for people with no serious medical issues. When considering wheatgrass pills vs. wheatgrass juice, it's important to choose the supplement with the fewest side effects and a low potential for contamination. If you're embarking a new health regimen after years (or even decades) of damaging foods and a sedentary lifestyle, your body will need to detox.  This process is healthful and necessary if you want to stay fit and avoid disease as you get older.

Wheatgrass Pills vs. Wheatgrass Juice: Side Effects

Wheatgrass juice sold in health clubs and at chain restaurants may seem like a quick pick-me-up, but there are potential dangers to that glass or shot of frothy green juice.  Nausea and headaches are common side effects when you first drink wheatgrass juice. The severity may subside after the first few glasses. Some experts attribute the nausea and headaches to the detoxification process. If you take wheatgrass pills instead of wheatgrass juice, you may still feel nausea and get headaches when you're introduced to the wheatgrass, but the side effects will be less pronounced. You'll also be spared the unpleasant taste of wheatgrass juice. Healthy as wheatgrass is, it's still grass – and it's not the most delicious food out there.

Embarrassing diarrhea is a common side effect when you drink too much wheatgrass juice in a short amount of time. Take a wheatgrass pill instead to avoid the terrible taste (and aftertaste) of wheatgrass juice. You may still feel some of the side effects of wheatgrass juice, like nausea and headaches, but they won't be nearly as intense. For fewer side effects, choose wheatgrass pills vs. wheatgrass juice.   

Avoid Contamination and Bacteria Dangers by taking Wheatgrass Pills

The equipment used to make wheatgrass juice made in retail stores and restaurants needs to be closely monitored and cleaned.

Individuals allergic to gluten should be safe taking wheatgrass pills, but anyone allergic to wheat should avoid wheatgrass juice or supplements. Symptoms of allergic reactions to wheatgrass include hives and a swollen throat or face. Seek immediate medical attention if this happens to you after drinking wheatgrass juice.

If you're sensitive to mold, beware of poorly prepared or stored wheatgrass juice. High humidity and low air circulation in a kitchen or room where wheatgrass juice is prepared leads to mold, contamination and the airborne Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. In less than ten minutes, bacteria in an unrefrigerated or poorly prepared glass of wheatgrass juice doubles.

In busy retail chains, wheatgrass juicing machines may not be thoroughly cleaned.  One national chain that sells wheatgrass juice posts a written warning in their stores –

“WARNING: This product (wheatgrass juice) ... may contain harmful bacteriathat can cause serious illness in children, the elderly and persons with weakened immune systems.”

The Dangers of Wheatgrass Grown in Hot Weather

Growing wheatgrass at home to make your own juice offers its own set of problems. Unlike wheatgrass grown by Pines and other professional wheatgrass suppliers, home-grown wheatgrass may be subject to unnatural warmth and humidity. An unregulated growing environment may cause bacteria, molds and dangerous pathogens. That's why it's important to buy wheatgrass supplements from a company that uses wheatgrass grown in cold weather.

Professional farmers grow wheatgrass in the winter, as nature intended. Although the leaves from the plants are two inches long, the roots have grown deep in the soil. Tray-grown wheatgrass may allow the roots to become tangled, instead of letting them spread out naturally. This method causes the sprouts to develop bacteria and mold.  

Feel More Energetic with REVV, Zeal 02 and HappyGirl Wheatgrass Pills

Wheatgrass Love offers three wheatgrass supplements that give you all the nutritional power of this superfood without the worries. In the wheatgrass pills vs. wheatgrass juice debate, high-quality tablets and wafers from Wheatgrass Love give you all the health benefits of wheatgrass without the expense or inconvenience of juice.

HappyGirl Natural Mood Enhancing Supplement offers plenty of magnesium, nature's “chill pill” to combat mood swings and mild to moderate, non-clinical depression. We've added B-complex vitamins to the B vitamins already in wheatgrass to help lift your mood while increasing energy. And our proprietary blend contains herbs known for neutralizing mood swings and anxiety naturally. Green tea extract, cayenne pepper, gingko biloba, and gotu kola all have mood-boosting qualities – and they're 100% safe and natural. Order HappyGirl here:

Zeal O2 Natural Weight Loss Supplement combines the perfect blend of wheatgrass and herbs to help you lose weight and stay at your ideal weight once you've finished dieting. The long list of nutrients in wheatgrass - magnesium, zinc, potassium, B-complex vitamins, Vitamins A,C,E and K and many more – keep you feeling strong and energetic during your weight loss program. We've added a proprietary blend of herbs to burn even more fat, including cayenne pepper, green tea extract, damiana, gingko biloba and ginseng. Order Zeal O2 here:

For more vitality, energy and endurance, try delicious chocolate mint REVV Instant Energy Wafers. Made from the purest, high-value wheatgrass, REVV Natural Energy Supplement boosts your metabolism without the crash you sometimes experience after coffee and energy drinks wear off – REVV keeps you revved up longer, without side effects. REVV wafers contain extra B-complex vitamins to increase the natural energy-heightening properties of wheatgrass. We've also added L-Taurine,( which supports the heart and keeps your cholesterol level steady. This amino acid helps you burn fat and recover from intense physical exercise faster. Order REVV here:

If you perplexed by the wheatgrass pills vs. wheatgrass juice dilemma, look no further than REVV, Zeal O2 and HappyGirl for the  perfect wheatgrass solution.

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