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How Wheatgrass and Zinc Boost Your Immunity to Help With Covid-19

How Wheatgrass and Zinc Boost Your Immunity to Help With Covid-19

Zinc is often referred to as a trace element. That doesn’t mean that it’s less important than other nutrients you find in wheatgrass. An adequate amount of zinc in the body will help protect you against COVID-19. (And the Vitamin C in wheatgrass provides extra immunity and also helps prevent COVID.)

You only need a small amount of zinc to remain healthy. The recommended daily requirement for women in the U.S. is eight milligrams a day. Men should get 11 milligrams of zinc per day.

There is little danger of a zinc deficiency in developed countries. However, it’s helpful to supplement your diet with a zinc-rich wheatgrass supplement to stay healthy, especially now as coronavirus is still shutting down most parts of the U.S.  

Wheatgrass, Zinc, and Covid.

Wheatgrass contains enough zinc to help improve your immune system and guard against COVID-19, the flu, and other illnesses. Wheatgrass also contains Vitamin C, another nutrient that’s vital for protection from coronavirus.

When the pandemic first hit the U.S., zinc sold out in many stores, along with Vitamin C and toilet paper. Zinc’s reputation as a deterrent to the common cold made it a good choice to boost immunity and protect against COVID, and research confirmed this belief. 

Wheatgrass will help your immune system and give you a sense of overall well-being due to the long list of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and minerals it contains. Zinc and Vitamin C are considered vital for protection against COVID-19, but the other nutrients in wheatgrass will improve your strength and immunity as well.     

Here’s a look at the benefits of zinc. Most of the benefits directly relate to COVID-19 and immunity, but we’ll also list some of zinc’s overall benefits. 

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What are the Benefits of Zinc?

Zinc is a part of many processes in your body. It helps various enzymes function, activates Vitamin A, regulates insulin and assists in the synthesis of DNA and in regulates thyroid  function. Zinc also helps you maintain your sense of taste and smell. Losing your sense of smell and ability to taste food are well-documented symptoms of COVID-19.   

Zinc improves fertility in men. Research showed that zinc sulfate, along with folic acid, could increase sperm count. Low intake of zinc is one factor that may cause male infertility.    

An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association indicates that zinc sulfate and Vitamin A may improve acne after 12 weeks of treatment. 

Neurons may not communicate properly and cause poor memory and unclear thinking if you don’t get enough zinc. A University of Toronto study showed that zinc deficiency may also contribute to ADHD. A wheatgrass supplement can give you all the zinc you need for better cognitive function  

According to research published in the Archives of Ophthalmology,  zinc helps prevent age-related macular degeneration.Vitamins C and E also help prevent MAC, and they’re both available in wheatgrass as well.  

If you have a cut or wound that takes a long time to heal, you may have a low serum zinc level. Taking zinc in wheatgrass will boost your immune system and hasten wound healing.    

Zinc is essential for skin health and integrity. You’ll find zinc as an ingredient in many skin creams, including diaper rash cream for babies. 

Many beauty experts recommend zinc to keep skin looking healthy and youthful. 

Zinc Protects T-Cells from Covid-19

covid wheatgrass zinc immune system

Zinc activates T-cells in your body. T-cells control and regulate your immune system, so getting enough zinc will protect you against coronavirus. Getting enough Vitamin C (another powerful immunity booster) and enough zinc gives you an extra barrier against COVID-19. T-cells are white blood immune cells called lymphocytes. Studies have shown that people who develop critical or serious COVID-19 have a low T-cell count. 

 T-Cells also attack cancer cells and infected cells. People with low amounts of zinc in their blood are at an increased risk of developing serious diseases. Patients in intensive care units  had lower T-cell counts then people with mild case, and patients over 60 had the lowest T-cell count.

If you have too few or too many T-cells, you are at risk for many chronic illnesses. There are tests you can take to determine the number of T-cells you have. Taking corticosteroids or immunosuppressive drugs may influence your T-cell count.  

Take a wheatgrass supplement daily to strengthen your T-cells and reduce your chance of developing coronavirus and other  diseases. 

Zinc Helps Prevent Chronic Illness in Old Age 

A study at Oregon State University showed that people of all ages, but especially seniors, can reduce their chances of inflammation by talking a zinc supplement. Zinc deficiency may trigger the inflammation that causes chronic diseases including cancer and cardiovascular disease. 

People with underlying medical conditions, especially those 60 and over, are more likely to develop COVID-19. Taking a nutrient-rich  wheatgrass supplement  helps prevent the inflammatory conditions that cause these illnesses.  

Zinc Guards Against the Common Cold 

Many people take zinc lozenges to reduce the symptoms of the common cold, and these  lozenges usually get results within a day. The zinc in wheatgrass can help alleviate the symptoms of the common cold, according to research. 

Zinc was declared an essential mineral in 1970. Since then, two compounds, zinc acetate and zinc gluconate, have been proven to shorten the length of common cold by 40 per cent in study subjects.  

Wheatgrass Gives You Zinc and Other Nutrients to Stay Healthy 

wheatgrass zinc immunity

Wheatgrass Love offers three wheatgrass products to build your immunity and address specific health needs. 


Zeal O2 Natural Weight Loss Supplement is formulated with high-grade wheatgrass and a proprietary blend of nutrients and herbs. The blend includes goldenseal, white willow and Fo-ti. Zeal also has green tea extract and gotu-kola  to suppress appetite safely and give you energy.


If you’re feeling blue, Happy Girl Natural Mood Enhancer balances your emotions while it contributes to overall well-being. Happy Girl has the same high-value wheatgrass as Zeal O2, along with cayenne pepper, Gingko Biloba, Sarsaparilla and Guarana Extract to keep you calm and focused.   


REVV Natural Energy Supplement boosts energy and improves memory and concentration. These chocolate mint flavored wafers contain cocoa, caffeine and memory-boosting Choline Bitartrate.  

Stay healthy and guard yourself - and your family - against COVID-19 by adding a Wheatgrass supplement to your daily routine.  

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