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Supporting Your Digestive System

Supporting Your Digestive System

Your digestive system is always in delicate balance. If you get too much of something or not enough, it can affect your body in dozens of different ways, from heartburn to constipation. Sometimes the things you eat can cause big problems, and sometimes the things you DON’T eat enough can cause even BIGGER problems. Are you taking good care of your digestive tract?

Many of us don’t put all that much thought into what goes into our mouths. This is a huge mistake. Proper digestion provides our body with essential nutrients and directly impacts our organs. You may think the digestive system is only comprised of our stomach and intestines, but that’s not true, either. Our liver, pancreas, gallbladder, kidneys, and more all play a vital role in keeping our body in tune and breaking down everything we consume. If we don’t treat them well, they can’t do their job to keep us healthy.

What do all those parts do, anyway? Digestion actually starts in our mouths, where saliva begins to break down our food. Once it gets to the stomach, acid breaks it down further for processing. Extra stored bile from our gallbladder helps to process fats, and our liver begins to work to filter toxins and other unusable elements. Our pancreas manages the sugars, keeping our blood sugar regulated. Once the food reaches the small intestine, our body is absorbing essential nutrients that keep us healthy and active. The kidneys and large intestine filter out everything we’re not going to use and, well, we know what happens next. It’s the end of the line!

This system is balanced by beneficial bacteria. These days, so much of our food is processed and pasteurized that we’re not always getting those helpful bugs back into our system. When you hear the term “probiotic,” you’re hearing about foods that reintroduce those good bacteria back into your gut to aid with digestion. You can find them in fermented foods, like pickles and certain yogurts. Make sure you get enough!

Another thing that aids significantly with digestion is water. Water is essential to keep us hydrated and make sure our system keeps moving. It also helps flush out the excess gunk that can build up in our system, although it can’t do it alone. Make sure you drink lots of water to keep everything working as it should be.

What else can you do to balance you digestive system? Try wheatgrass! Wheatgrass is an excellent aid for the liver because it latches onto toxins and helps them pass out of the system. It also oxygenates the blood to help us feel more energized, amplifying beneficial foods and replacing those junk-y foods and sugary energy shots that don’t give our body anything useful beyond a temporary rush.

If you take care of your digestion, it will take care of you. For detoxification and boosted energy, we recommend adding REVV to your diet! If you’re interested in managing your appetite and trimming down, try ZEAL O2. For mood management, menstrual health, and natural cleansing, we suggest Happy Girl.