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Spring Cleaning for Your Body

Spring Cleaning for Your Body


Today’s the first day of Spring, which means it’s also the Spring Equinox. Today, daylight and nighttime hours are equal. Moving forward, the days are just going to keep getting longer until midsummer!

The changing seasons offer a perfect opportunity for change in other areas of your life, whether it’s physical, mental, or lifestyle. There’s a reason people have “spring cleaning” rituals. You’re clearing out the chill and dust that settled during winter, removing clutter, and welcoming the fresh air and sunshine. The same goes for your body. Lots of people try to make resolutions for the new year, but often find their goals toward healthier living are more easily met when the weather improves.

To start on the path toward better health this spring, consider creating an exercise regimen. Start small – one of the biggest mistakes people make when they try to get more active is biting off more than they can chew. If you aim too high too fast, you may hurt yourself or become discouraged. You can always build toward a larger overall goal. Even if you have to start with a five-minute walk or cardio workout, everyone has to start somewhere. If you’re interested in exercising with a goal of weight loss, we recommend incorporating Zeal O2 into your regimen, as well.

You may also want to consider a wheatgrass regimen for detoxifying your body. The chlorophyll in wheatgrass has been shown to latch onto harmful toxins in the blood, improving liver function and cleaning your bloodstream. Wheatgrass can be purchased fresh, or consumed in products like those here at WheatgrassLove. We combine our wheatgrass with other potent natural botanicals and minerals to improve its effectiveness and meet certain goals, like mood balance or an energy boost. Incorporating wheatgrass into your everyday life can create incredible results. We recommend Happy Girl at this time of year to help clear out the last of those winter doldrums!

With the sun shining and the flowers blooming, it’s the perfect time for you to blossom, too. Get your blood pumping and start getting rid of that extra fat and those harmful toxins today! No time like the present.

Happy Spring!