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Holistic Allergy Remedies are Just for Hippies. NOT!

Holistic Allergy Remedies are Just for Hippies. NOT!

Ah, spring. The fresh air, the green grass, the blooming flowers… and the pollen. So much pollen. If you suffer from allergies, you know that the beautiful landscape and newly-blossoming plants can also mean sneezing, itchy eyes, congestion, headaches, and so much more. Even if you want to steer clear of medication to control your allergies, you can find relief in other places.

Here are some of our favorite holistic allergy remedies and recommendations.

Incorporate wheatgrass into your diet. Wheatgrass has dozens of beneficial properties, including boosting your immune system and cleaning toxins from your bloodstream. When combined with other powerful herbs and minerals, it can strengthen your body, boost liver function, and reduce inflammation.

Try local honey. This is old advice, but good advice. Bees use local plants to create their honey, and incorporating it into your diet introduces the allergens into your system and helps your body deal with it and build immunity naturally. Eat a little every day.

Use a Neti pot. A Neti pot looks like a teapot and is used to flush your sinuses with saline or a diluted saltwater solution. It’ll clear you out and may reduce inflammation. Be sure to read up on them and dilute your solution properly. Too much salt can be an unpleasant experience!

Make sure you know WHAT you’re allergic to. Many people just assume they have some sort of overhanging, nebulous allergy to something in the air, but they don’t ever find out what exactly is causing their allergic reaction. It’s important to get tested so you can be more aware and perhaps avoid places that will trigger your allergies the most.

Use an air filter. Know those dust motes swirling in the sunbeams of your home? Those could be allergens. Making sure your home’s air filter is properly installed and kept up to date will remove a considerable amount of allergens from the air in your home. It can’t protect you when you’re outside, but at least you can relax at home.

Holistic allergy remedies can help you feel better without dealing with medication. You should always check with a trusted health practitioner before starting any sort of health regimen, even a holistic one. They can help guide you onto the right path and make sure you’re not exacerbating any of your symptoms. Everyone’s different!

Do you have any tried-and-true allergy remedies? Please share!