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Here's How to Keep Your Energy Levels High All Day

Here's How to Keep Your Energy Levels High All Day

Does your energy level fluctuate from high to low during the day?
Making some simply adjustments to your lifestyle and diet can help.

Food increases energy in three ways.
1.It provides calories for your body to opperate.
2.It delivers stimulants.
3.It pushes your metabolism to burn fuel more efficiently.

Complex carb foods 

Complex carbohydrate high foods which are low in fat are ideal to increase and even out energy.
Some examples include whole grains,beans,peas,whole fruits and many vegetables such as green peppers,
broccoli,carrots,tomatoes,and of course wheatgrass!
Fiber is is also a componet of these foods,which helps your body digest food efficiently in-addition to
providing you with a steady supply of energy throughout the day.

Guess what else helps your body digest food? Activity! several short walks or taking the stairs during the day can
make a big difference in the way your body digest food.
If you want to take it up notch try incorporating some type of physical activty everyday for at least 45 minutes and the next thing you know endorphins will be running through your body producing even more energy!

But what if you don't have the initial energy to get going,take some Revv of course!

A bit of caution:never go more three or four hours without eating something,by doing so you will avoid any sudden drops in energy level.having Revv with you at all times will insure this never happens.

Simple carbs

High amounts of simple carbohydrates can give you sudden burst of energy with a crash soon after,ironically this is a common occurrence with many of the so called energy drinks!
Examples of foods that are high in simple carbohydrates include candy,cookies,crackers,and foods containing refined flour and sugar.
Revv contains only complex carbs.

Keep your intake of animal and dairy products in check,because of there high fat content they have a tendency to slow you down and make you feel lethargic.

Your mother was right-Make sure you eat your fruits and vegetables!