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Healthy City Spotlight: Miami

Healthy City Spotlight: Miami

Ah, Miami, a city full of bright, happy, and healthy people! With all of the Florida sunshine, beach activities, and varied cuisine you can handle, it truly is a wonderful location for the health-minded. If you’re a Florida native, you probably already know all the best spots for fitness and nutrition, but there may be a few places you haven’t heard of yet. Don’t be afraid to explore!


What makes Miami residents so healthy? This is a city with access to tons of great programs, sports, and food. Whether you’re a culinary obsessive or just someone who likes to know where to get a quality health shake, there’s something on practically every corner. For the best in local produce, there are several farmer’s markets offering the freshest available organic fruits, veggies, eggs and more. The Health and Happiness Market is open every Saturday, and it not only offers fantastic healthy food, but yoga sessions and massages, as well! It’s a perfect spot for picking up your weekly produce AND getting some exercise in. You can even treat yourself to an antioxidant-rich chocolate treat!

Miami also offers a blend of many cultures to provide the public with delicious and nutritious food from around the world. You can find everything from veggie tacos to bibimbap bowls made with fresh ingredients!

When it comes to activities, you really can’t beat Miami’s combination of sand and surf. The Atlantic Ocean offers temperate water that’s perfect for swimming and surfing, and you’ll always find fit joggers working their legs with a run along the water. Health-conscious individuals can enjoy a walk or run in any one of Miami’s dozens of outdoor parks. There’s always something going on! If you’re into a more hardcore workout, you’ll find easy access to bootcamps, CrossFit training, and much more.

Lastly, there’s no doubt that this Florida city is an optimal place to get plenty of Vitamin D. The sun shines brightly and offers tons of warm weather and daylight for anyone who loves being outdoors. If you love the sun and sea, this is the perfect healthy city for you!