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   First reason why GB can improve your smartiness: it can significantly improve attention in healthy individuals. So much so that the effect is almost immediate- it reached its peak in two and a half hours. A study was done with MIT students involving learning more advanced words. The study showed that within minutes of taking a Ginkgo supplement the students were able to remember how to spell longer words with minimal effort.

So wait what if you aren’t considered a “healthy individual?” You think that’s an obstacle? Nope. Gingko Biloba can improve attention span in anyone, including those with Alzheimer's and dementia. Guess what else it can do? It can help stall the mental decline of these patients. Studies have shown that patients who added Gingko Biloba to their normal regime improved the symptoms associated with these brain disorders.

    Second reason: it improves mental clarity. This means you can think and organize your thoughts in a more efficient manner. So that means your assembly line that is your brain can put out 100% more A+ papers and arguments than right now. Ginkgo is the “improves focus and mental clarity” part of REVV.

    Third reason: it prevents against heart attack and stroke. What does this have to do with being smart, you ask? Well, if you’re heart isn't pumping, your brain won’t work very well, so this characteristic of GB is very important. Gingko reduces how sticky blood is, thus meaning the reduced risk of blood clots, which causes strokes and heart attacks. Because of its effects on preventing these killers, studies are now being conducted on its effectiveness to speed up recovery from a stroke.
    So what makes Gingko so good? It’s the Michael Phelps of circulation. As previously stated, it helps to reduce the stickiness of blood and this is because it helps dilate blood vessels, as well as blocking against platelet-activating factor (blood clotting). As if that’s not enough, GB is key in protecting against free radicals- it protects the body’s blind side. Lots of linebacker infections try and sack cell DNA and damage cell membranes, so Gingko Oher protects what the rest of the body cannot see. Are you ready to REVV your body into high gear?

    If you haven’t already gotten up and ordered some REVV or HappyGirl, then you should. Why, you ask? That answer is simple: you’ll be on top of your A-game!

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