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Botanical Spotlight: Uva Ursi

Botanical Spotlight: Uva Ursi

The herb “uva ursi” isn’t one you hear about often in commercial advertising. More likely, you hear about herbs like ginger, ginko biloba, eucalyptus, chamomile, or rosemary. However, you might know uva ursi by its other names – kinnikinnick or bearberry.

The name “bearberry” comes from its berries, which are often eaten and loved by bears. “Kinnikinnick” is actually a Native American word which, roughly translated, means “smoking mixture” because they often mixed it with tobacco and other plants to smoke.

Uva ursi has a number of uses, but it is most frequently used for urinary tract and intestinal issues. It’s an excellent natural remedy for urinary tract infections and other urinary discomfort, and often offers relief for illnesses caused by bacterial imbalance in the gut. It operates as an astringent and mild diuretic, and also has the capability of reducing uric acid, which can cause bladder stones. It helps manage E. coli bacteria to treat ailments such as chronic diarrhea, and can be used for general pelvic pain and cramping. It strengthens several organs along the digestive tract, including the liver and pancreas.

Uva ursi is something we choose to use in our wheatgrass products due to its ability to aid digestion and detoxification. It’s also excellent for fighting infection, so the immune system receives support, as well. It soothes inflamed or irritated tissue, calming cramps and other pains. Additionally, it’s even been known to produce euphoria!

All this combines to make it a perfect herb to enhance the power of wheatgrass in Zeal O2 and Happy Girl. Our digestive system is one of the pillars of our health and wellbeing, so proper balance is essential. Uva ursi provides that balance, in addition to aiding in flushing toxins out of our system. In combination with wheatgrass, the results are incredible! For more information about improving your mood or maintaining a healthy weight, read up about all our products or review our extensive library of wheatgrass information.