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Botanical Spotlight: Green Tea

Botanical Spotlight: Green Tea

Practically everyone’s heard of green tea. It’s hard not to when you can find it in any Starbucks in the nation! But do you know where it comes from or why it’s so good for you?

Green tea was first cultivated in China over 4,000 years ago and is a longtime staple of both Chinese medicine and tea service. Over time, it gained popularity in other areas of the world and is now found in Japan, Europe, America, and more. Now there are dozens of varieties, all with unique characteristics and flavors. Most commonly, green tea tastes “light” and “green,” like fresh greenery. Some varieties are a little sweet or floral, others taste more medicinal. It’s most often steeped as loose leaves and consumed as tea, although it’s also used as a food flavoring or in capsule form.

Many people enjoy green tea’s flavor, but many more are drawn to its health benefits. This incredible, natural medicine has been used holistically to remedy dozens (if not hundreds) of health issues. It contains less natural caffeine than black tea, which makes it a less potent alternative while also offering the benefits of a moderate intake of caffeine. This can increase focus, mental clarity, and alertness, as well as reduce headache symptoms. Similarly, it’s been known to boost metabolism and aid in weight management.

Numerous studies have linked green tea to reduced risk of developing heart disease and cancer. It is an excellent anti-oxidant, working hard to cleanse the system of toxins and impurities. It can lower cholesterol, reduce symptoms of arthritis, and boost the immune system. Regular consumption of green tea has even been linked to reduced tooth decay due to its astringent nature!

When you factor in all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why WheatgrassLove chooses to incorporate green tea with wheatgrass capsules like Happy Girl and Zeal O2. Combining the powerful oxygenation of wheatgrass with the naturally beneficial and balancing nature of green tea creates amazing results! It’s difficult to find a more potent combination for all-natural weight loss and anti-depression.

Why do you love green tea?