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Six Healthy Summer Staycation Ideas

Six Healthy Summer Staycation Ideas

This year, you’ll need to spend your vacation at home, in your neighborhood, or within driving distance. Air travel is inexpensive, but most people don’t want to take a chance at exposing themselves or their families to Covid-19. Staycations, once the choice of budget-conscious folk, have become the only choice for most of us.   

Due to COVID-19, many states are still in various phases of quarantine, Even if you're not under lockdown, these staycation ideas will offer you a break from the wear and tear of everyday life.

A staycation offers all the fun of a regular vacation without the stress of a long airplane trip or worries about luggage and hotel check-in. Like a traditional vacation, a staycation should provide a break from routine, tasty, healthy food, fun activities, and relaxation. In some ways, a staycation can be better for you, since you have more control of food and activity options. 

During your staycation, avoid using your Smartphone. Enjoy your time off without scrolling through Facebook posts or text messages.   

Here are six healthy staycation ideas for a refreshing change from your everyday routine. You can enjoy these activities during lockdown or once things get back to normal. 

Virtual Trips to Exotic Locales 

You can visit an exotic location virtually using YouTube videos and travelogs  on  vacation websites. Watch movies set in your desired location. If you’’ve chosen Paris,have a baguette and cheese along with some wine while watching An American in Paris or Amelie.   

Sipping a French red wine is actually good for you as long as you don't drink too much of it. Red wine contains  resveratrol,  a plant compound that contains inflammation-fighting phenols. For an Italian staycation, you can eat healthy dishes such as minestrone soup, pasta with red sauce or a seafood stew called cioppino. Finish your meal with sorbet while watching  La Dolce Vita, Roman Holiday or Two Women.    

Decorate your backyard with Japanese lanterns if you have a Far East theme, or flamenco-themed decorations, such as folding fans for a Spanish-themed virtual trip.

Enjoy Culture or the Outdoors  

Take a walk with your family to admire plants, trees and birds in a nature center, or forest preserve or spark by your house. Remember that another party may be in close proximity to you at any time, so maintain social distance and wear masks. 

Biking, hiking and walking in wide-open spaces ensures easier social distancing and gives you a chance to get Vitamin D-rich sunshine. Sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D. Get at least 10 -15 minutes of direct sunlight on bare skin each day to satisfy the RDA of Vitamin D.  

Plan a day or weekend around cultural activities if museums are open in your area. Remember to bring your own healthy snacks. 

Spa Day at Home 

Hairdressers, spas, and nail salons are still closed in most states. That doesn’t mean you need to neglect your beauty routine. Order glamorous or fun nail polish colors, eyeshadow, and other cosmetics. Experiment with different looks. If you’re unable to meet friends in person, use Zoom or Skype to model your latest looks and get constructive feedback. Have a virtual fashion show or cosmetic tutorial with your friends and trade beauty tips to turn spa day into a social experience.

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area that is no longer under lockdown, invite friends over and take turns doing each other’s nails and make-up.     

Wind down after all the fun by meditating. Sit in a quiet place and meditate by candlelight with soft music playing in the background. Mindfulness meditation alleviates stress and helps you focus on the present. By reducing stress, meditation boosts your mental acuity and your physical health/appearance. Meditating can improve skin health and eliminate dark circles under your eyes.  

Date Night

Housebound couples can make at-home date nights fun. Play board games, video games. or stream a movie.Take fun quizzes online, or play horseshoes or frisbee outdoors if you have access to a backyard. Make snacks like smoothies or garlic and kale chips to eat while watching movies. 

Family Picnic 

Take special care in planning the menu, and make most of the food at home. Avoid standard picnic fare, and opt for healthier, more creative recipes. 

Serve Strawberry Balsamic Pasta Salad instead of macaroni or potato salad. Made with sliced strawberries, feta cheese, and baby spinach, this salad gives you lots of Vitamin C, potassium and folate. Strawberries are also high in fiber, which fills you up and prevents you from overeating.  Spinach has Vitamins B2, B6, Vitamin E and calcium as well as Vitamin C.

Replace salty potato chips with baked pita chips with sweet pea and avocado dip. Avocado has more potassium than bananas, ands boasts healthy fats, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, magnesium and Vitamin C. Peas are rich in Vitamins A and C.  

Add fun games like ring toss or go bowling using recycled bottles as pins to take advantage of your family day out in the sun.    

Theme Movie Night 

With walk-in movie theatres still closed because of the pandemic, you can still enjoy drive-in movies if your area has them. If there aren’t any drive-ins in your area, have a themed movie night at home. Stream your favorite movies in a particular genre- horror, romance, comedy, action. or indie-and cue up new ones to enjoy. 

Play movie trivia or dress liked your favorite movie, TV, or comic book character. Comic-Con may be canceled this year, but you can put on your own show at home. 

Instead of buying fast food to eat in the car, bring healthy homemade snacks. Eat air-popped popcorn sprinkled with with cayenne pepper or garlic powder instead of buttered popcorn. 

Binging Netflix at home? Drink homemade smoothies made with Greek yogurt, pineapples, bananas and ginger instead of drinking beer or soda. Nutritious smoothies will also help you lose weight. Try different ways to prepare fruits and vegetables. Serve tempura cauliflower, string beans and carrots with a honey and Dijon mustard dipping sauce. Snack on trail mix instead of chips.  

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