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Periwinkle is more than a color

Periwinkle is more than a color

Are you looking for something new and healthy to add to your diet?  Something with seemingly endless short term and long term health benefits?  Well look no further because periwinkle is your answer.

Periwinkle was used as far back as medieval times. Even then they knew about the health benefits of the herb.  In China, Central America and South America it was used to treat coughing. Native Americans used it for wasp stings and  Europeans believed it would ward off evil spirits; they called it “the magic plant”.  

It may not be magical, but there are numerous health benefits of periwinkle.  Traditionally the poultice was used as a band-aid, but now it is used for so much more.  It can relieve inflammation, improve blood circulation in the brain, reduce blood pressure, calm anxiety or nervousness, and even help women who have excess bleeding during menstruation.  Some may consider periwinkle magical after all!

As a tea, periwinkle can improve memory and also has anti-cancer properties.  It has been used to treat leukemia and Hodgkin’s disease.  Many believe it could help those with Alzheimer’s since it increases blood circulation in the brain and improves memory.  Periwinkle contains an active compound called vincamine that has been shown in research to help treat dementia, improve memory loss, and age-related hearing loss.  In other words, this one tiny flower packs a powerful punch of healthiness.  And it’s pretty too.

So where do you find this awesome herb?  Well, you could spend time planting it in your garden, harvesting the flowers, and drying them out before you get to feel the benefits. Take an easier route and order some Revv Instant Energy from WheatgrassLove instead.  As with all our products, Revv contains many other healthy vitamins and herbs like periwinkle.