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Here's a Quick Story About and Why We Created Our Wheatgrass Products

Here's a Quick Story About and Why We Created Our Wheatgrass Products

Wheatgrasslove developed products to combat fatigue - results are felt within in minutes of digesting the delicious wafer. 

Founded in 1997, Wheatgrasslove, a leader in homeopathic remedies, has developed a healthy alternative to coffee, sodas, and the array of not so healthy energy drinks.

"What's interesting about their product line is that most of the ingredients are plant based. With so many of the products on the market today based on sugar and massive amounts of caffeine, it's refreshing to see a company use ingredients from all natural sources. What I love most is the  delivery system -- a delicious chewable wafer. Brilliant!"
-- Roger Cloyd, founder of Hoist Fitness

Based in the Sorrento Valley area of San Diego, in what has become one of the hottest bio-tech regions in the world, Wheatgrasslove was created with the idea of developing products based on one of the planets most nutrient rich foods: WHEATGRASS.

"Fatigue is usually accompanied with sleep depravation and poor nutrition. People tend to ignore the fact they need more sleep and should eat better; however, with our plant based products everyone can improve their mental acuity and energy level in a way that won't compromise their health."
-- John Fike, founder of WheatgrassLove

With all the controversy surrounding the energy beverage industry these days, the timing couldn't be better for a healthy alternative. The Food and Drug Administration recently released an incident report describing several deaths that had occurred following the consumption of Monster Energy drinks. Much of the concern over energy-drink consumption centers on the high caffeine content of such beverages.  Anais Fournier, 14, of Hagerstown, Md., died suddenly last December from a heart arrhythmia that led to cardiac arrest. She had apparently drank two Monster Energy drinks over two days. In mid-October, Fournier’s mother, Wendy Crossland, filed a lawsuit against Monster Beverage, based in Corona, Calif., claiming that the company did not make clear the risks that come with drinking the beverage.

As part of a Freedom of Information request by Crossland, the FDA released details of the other four cases, plus one nonfatal heart attack, all of which are alleged to be associated with drinking Monster Energy. 

Health professionals warn the long term implications of chronic, excessive caffeine use are an increased risk for cardiac arrhythmia or irregular heart rhythm, high blood pressure, strokes, and an increased risk for cardiac death. The long term use of energy drinks that contain a high amount of sugar can cause cavities, gingivitis, obesity, and even diabetes for higher risk individuals.

Senators are also taking action against energy drinks, arguing in favor of the FDA to close loopholes, which currently allow energy drink companies, such as Monster & Redbull, to sell these products with additives and levels of caffeine that have not been proven to be safe.

A single serving of Wheatgrasslove's Revv instant energy only contains 12 mg of caffeine compared to 200mg-320mg in a typical energy drink, without all the added sugar.  

Energy is derived from our healthy plant based ingredients.  It's a win win for our customers with no downside!