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Go Green (with Wheatgrass) for St. Patrick’s Day!

Go Green (with Wheatgrass) for St. Patrick’s Day!


This weekend, you may be planning some epic partying for St. Patrick’s Day, which is coming up on Monday. There are likely to be many gatherings with rich food, loud music, and lots of green beer. We hope you have your greenery planned out so you don’t get pinched!

After the fun’s all over, the lull may set in. So why not keep the green theme going with something that’s going to make you feel awesome? That “something” is wheatgrass.

Staying up late, dancing, and consuming alcohol can leave you fatigued, dehydrated, and listless. There are tons of “home remedies” to help you get back on your feet quickly, but water and rest are your best bets. For added oomph that will get you up and at ‘em, we recommend you try wheatgrass, especially in the form of REVV and Happy Girl.

Wheatgrass has dozens of positive properties, from improving mental clarity to oxygenating your blood. When you take a REVV wafer (which have a delicious chocolate-mint flavor), it’ll boost your energy and help detoxify your body. Hangovers and that general “ugh” feeling after a night of drinking happen because the liver can’t keep up with filtering alcohol from your system. Wheatgrass can help give that process a jumpstart. It’ll also improve your liver’s overall health and bolster your nervous system. You’ll feel better in no time!

Happy Girl is a mood enhancer that also uses wheatgrass to improve your mental acuity and balance your mood. Staying up late can lead to negative mood symptoms, as well as fatigue. Happy Girl will bring all of that back into balance. The chlorophyll helps create a balanced alkaline PH state, which grounds your body and makes you feel better.

Have fun this weekend! Remember to be safe, take it easy, and go green with wheatgrass! A green shirt would be a pretty good idea, too. Pinches hurt!