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Botanical Spotlight: Periwinkle Herb

Botanical Spotlight: Periwinkle Herb

Since ancient times, our medicines and remedies have been derived from the world around us. Today we continue to use thousands of herbal remedies to improve our health and our lives. Incorporating certain herbs, vitamins, enzymes, and more into our daily routine can help strengthen our immune system, improve our focus, build healthy muscle, and so much more.

We love wheatgrass (obviously, with a name like WheatgrassLove!), but we also love lots of other herbs and botanical superfoods that make people look and feel better. One of our favorite herbs is periwinkle, which can be found supporting the wheatgrass in some of our products.

If the name “periwinkle” brings to mind a sort of lavender-blue color, that’s because the color is named for the flowers of the periwinkle plant. Periwinkle is actually an herb that’s used in a multitude of different ways.

What does periwinkle do?

The herb is known for increasing circulation in the brain, which helps improve focus and concentration. It may also be used to encourage better memory, which ties back into mental acuity. Additional uses include lowering blood pressure, reducing swelling, treating intestinal issues, reducing water retention, and more. Alongside wheatgrass, it works well to purify the blood and bolster the immune system.

Health isn’t the only thing periwinkle improves. It’s been long-used by many cultures in rituals and tradition, as some believe it helps maintain a happy home. Like many flowers, they are a symbol of love and peace.

Periwinkle herb can be found in REVV Instant Energy, and we encourage utilizing it whenever you need a boost of energy and concentration. We always encourage you to learn more about herbs that can help your body and mind!