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8 Top Anti Aging Tips

8 Top Anti Aging Tips

We’re all looking for the fountain of youth. Getting older is inevitable, but disease, fatigue, grumpiness and obesity are optional. Though many aspects of aging are governed by hereditary, there’s a lot you can do now to look and feel great in your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond. If you already exercise and watch your diet, you are probably practicing a few of these 8 top anti-aging tips.

1. Keep Skin Firmer by Limiting Sun Exposure

Limit exposure to direct sunlight to about 15-20 minutes a day. That’s how much sun you need for your daily ration of Vitamin D. (We get most of our depression-fighting Vitamin D from sunlight.) Too much sun causes collagen loss and damages elastin. If you go out in the sun too often without sunscreen, sunglasses and other protection, UV rays roughen your skin and put you at risk for skin cancer. Damaging UV rays are the strongest during the middle of the day, so avoid exercise outdoors between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Our skin loosens as we age, no matter how careful we are about staying youthful, but excess sun worship makes wrinkles, discoloration and crows’ feet develop faster. But there are things you can do to minimize lines and sagging skin. Walk or sit in the shade if you must be outdoors during high UV ray times; use makeup and moisturizers containing sunscreen, and drink lots of water. Water hydrates the skin and seals in moisture, which is important to keep it fresh and supple. Replacing coffee and soft drinks with water won’t give you a mini-face lift, but it will prevent older skin from becoming too dry.

2. Antioxidants Fight Disease and Take Years off Your Appearance

Most fruits contain antioxidants to fight free radicals and strengthen your immune system. They prevent heart disease and cancer by repairing damaged cells, and guard against some common “side effects” of aging including cataracts and wrinkles. A medium kiwi contains 85% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin C, and watermelon, bananas, apples, grapes and pomegranates are just a few of the delicious fruits packed with this anti-aging vitamin. Vitamin C protects you from colds, ear infections, respiratory problems and other issues that people experience more often as they age.

Veggies are full of anti-aging antioxidants, too. Isothiocyanates, antioxidants found in broccoli, counteract the cancer-causing properties of smog and nicotine. Spinach and carrots are full of carotenoids. These antioxidants shield skin from sun damage and preserve good eyesight by minimizing macular degeneration. Eating an assortment of yellow and green veggies (corn, kale, peppers) prevents wrinkles.

3. Practice Yoga to Reduce Stress and Stay Flexible

The right combination of yoga poses helps to improve balance, flexibility and circulation, three functions that become iffy as we get older. Low-impact yoga increases strength without the intensity of weightlifting or an aerobic workout.

Yoga routines can be modified to accommodate health concerns. If you have arthritis, back problems or limited mobility, yoga poses can be modified to make them work for you. Yoga can help increase bone density, make your spine more flexible and reduce flabby arms.

Improve Balance With The Tree and Other Poses

Improve balance and reduce falls with The Tree. Stand with legs together and arms over your head with palms together. Raise your right leg, keeping your toes on the floor and touch the inside part of your ankle with your heel. You hold this pose for 20 seconds, then repeat the pose with your left leg. Hold onto a table to steady yourself if necessary. As your balance gets better, you may be able to raise your bent leg and place the sole of your foot above the knee on the inside of the opposite leg. Other yoga poses for balance include the Dancer’s Posture and Rishi’s Posture.

Standing Poses Prevent Bone Loss

All standing yoga poses are good for increasing lower body strength and bone density. The Chest Expansion, Leg Clasp and Alternate Leg and Arm Lift are a few good poses for building bone strength and preventing osteoporosis. A study showed that a group of seniors who learned yoga gained bone (or didn’t lose any) two years after research ended, while a second group of seniors who didn’t practice yoga experienced bone loss.1

4. Gratitude Keeps You Happier and Healthier as You Age

Acknowledging the good things in your life, no matter how small, has been shown to improve mental and physical health in people of all ages. People who are thankful for the positive aspects of their lives have lower blood pressure, better immune systems and recover faster when they are sick. Grateful people are more optimistic, resulting in less stress, depression and anxiety. Since stress and emotional upset affect the physical body, gratitude will keep you looking and feeling better than constant dissatisfaction and self-absorption

5. Exercise and Stay Active to Stay Young

A sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy at any age, and it can make you look and feel older. Muscle loss increases as we get older, and has a harmful effect on metabolism and immunity, so it’s important to get active and choose an exercise program to stay strong and healthy. To get the best anti-aging benefits, start exercising regularly in your 20s or 30s. Even if you’ve remained inactive till you’re AARP age, you can still reap some benefits from taking a walk or doing other light exercise five days a week.

Choosing to take the stairs instead of an elevator, or walk instead of drive may not seem like much, but over time, it makes a big difference. If you have a desk job and can’t stand or walk for long periods, swing your legs back and forth or do toe flexes to keep blood flowing. Individuals with osteoporosis and other chronic conditions can benefit from specific exercises. A person with knee problems may practice strengthening quad muscles in their thighs to make walking easier. Just 15 minutes a day of moderate intensity exercise, like doing yardwork or walking, can extend your life by three years. If you’re just starting an exercise routine, build up gradually. Exerting yourself too much after a long period of inactivity can cause sore muscles or injuries. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions about what type of exercise is right for you.

Exercising helps reduce the inflammation that occurs with aging. People who are more active experience less inflammation as they get older, according to a study published in the journal Circulation. 2

6. Think Positive to Look and Act Younger

No one wants to turn into that grumpy old man complaining in the supermarket checkout line or the unhappy old woman who finds fault with everyone in the neighborhood. Your thoughts influence what you say and do. What you say and do impacts every part of your life, from your relationships to your job to your health. Why not set the process off with positive thoughts? Cultivate a can-do attitude about your life and a positive but realistic approach to dealing with others.

Staying young in your mind and having a positive attitude toward life naturally compels you to take healthy actions with anti-aging benefits, including exercising, eating right and keeping mentally active through classes and hobbies. While we usually associate the phrase “anti-aging” with skin creams and beauty aids, the real work to staying young begins and ends with your attitude.

7. Increase Fiber Intake with Beans, Lentils and Whole Grains

Add black beans, lentils, kidney beans and other plant-based fiber to your diet for better tissue repair and digestive health. Beans are loaded with protein, minus the saturated fat of red meat. Protein is a macronutrient that the body must consume in large amounts to work efficiently, especially as we get older. Get more protein and fiber in your diet with fish, poultry beans, nuts and whole grains. Avoid eating red meat on a regular basis, as it is associated with premature death, according to some studies.2

8. Take a Wheatgrass Supplement  for More Energy

Wheatgrass, one of nature’s superfoods, provides users with magnesium, iron, Vitamins E, C and E and B-complex vitamins. It contains chlorophyll, (the pigment that makes plants green) to oxygenate your blood. By increasing the amount of oxygen in your body, chlorophyll-packed wheatgrass detoxifies your system. More oxygen in the blood means better cellular growth and increased ability to repair damaged cells. Research conducted by 1931 Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg indicated that cancer cells grow in an oxygen-deprived environment. Taking a wheatgrass supplement and engaging in other healthy lifestyle choices will increase the amount of oxygen in your body, protecting you from cancer and other diseases.

Wheatgrass helps give your body a slightly alkaline pH balance, which assists in the oxygenation process. Replace junk foods, alcohol and sugar with nutritious foods, and your body’s ability to fight disease, inflammation and the ravages of aging will increase.

Is Plastic Surgery a Valid Anti-Aging Choice?

There are no shortcuts to maintaining a youthful figure, face and attitude. Plastic surgery isn’t a one-time fix it. Face lifts, tummy tucks, Botox and other cosmetic procedures have a shelf life. Botox injections must be repeated every three to four months. Facelifts may fall after a year and require maintenance procedures.

Like other surgical procedures, cosmetic surgery has risks. Patients with a history of diabetes, respiratory problems, obesity and cardiovascular disease have an increased chance of developing blood clots, infections or other complications. Even in the hands of experienced plastic surgeons, facelifts can have poor results. We’ve all seen photos of celebrities who’ve had poor outcomes after a facelift. Repairing an unflattering cosmetic surgery costs additional money and puts the patient at greater risk. And living with the results of a failed plastic surgery is much worse than living with a natural, aging face. Instead of spending money on liposuction, look at why you’ve gained weight. Exercise and a change in diet are much cheaper and safer than a tummy tuck. If childbirth or losing a lot of weight has left you with saggy stomach skin, check out mineral scrubs, massage therapy and other natural remedies before considering liposuction.

Plastic surgery only alters the surface. If you continue to smoke, drink to excess, eat poorly and live a sedentary lifestyle, you can still develop cancer, heart disease and chronic fatigue. If you’re sick, tired or emotionally distressed all the time, plastic surgery won’t help you to actually feel younger. That can only come from proper nutrition and lifestyle choices.

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