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Those Lazy Days

Those Lazy Days

Some more than others.. We’ve all had those days where we’ve wanted to spend all day hiding under the covers. Like a gloomy day the sun will come out and things should brighten up for you. Whether your reason to lay around all day be because you’ve been overworked, overwhelmed or just need a day to yourself, try to take a few steps into making the clouds move away so you can enjoy the fresh air and warm sun. Of course I’m not talking about using sorcery to make the weather change but I am giving a few tips of how to enjoy things even when you’re feeling a little gloomy.

Listen to some tunes. Grab a pair of headphones or just blast a song on the speakers, listening to music tends to relax your mind and distract you from the annoying little things popping in and out of your head. Whether it be an upbeat mix or a soothing playlist, the sounds will give you something to wrap your mind around as well as getting your inner singer coming out. Nothing is better than listening to your favorite song and singing along.

Whenever I’m feeling a little moody I always get that little reminder in my head to work it off at the gym. As much as I know that I’d be killing two birds with one stone, I don’t always make it there. Don’t feel the need to do a 50 minute cardio workout on the stairmaster to relieve some tension, but even going out for a quick powerwalk can boost your energy and put you in a more optimistic positive mood. Try some stretching, deep breathing and closing your eyes to relax and create a more peaceful setting for yourself while releasing feel good endorphins to your body. People have turned to yoga and jogging as stress relieving activities that can be done alone or with others. Finding an activity that can calm your mind and take care of your workout will become your “go to” thing to do instead of watching movies all day.

A favorite pastime of mine is snacking. Debates whether or not snacking is better than eating full meals every day has been going on forever, but I think everything is good in small proportions. Grabbing my favorite snack when I’m feeling a little cranky can turn my mood around any day. Maybe instead of reaching for those few handfuls of peanut m&ms you could try making a new snack out of the things sitting in your pantry. Experimenting with food could end one of two ways, and it wouldn’t hurt to try something you might end up loving.

Having those lazy days every once and a while never hurt anybody, but before you make the decision to lay in bed all day try to find the motivation to get moving with one of these little tips! If you do find yourself taking a walk, or listening to music, or who knows, you could be doing both at the same time, reward yourself with a little treat just to brighten your day just a tad bit more.