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The Health Benefits of Sunshine - Why You Should Soak Up Some Sun

The Health Benefits of Sunshine - Why You Should Soak Up Some Sun

Spring’s coming up fast! Now that Daylight Savings Time is in full effect, a lot of us will be catching a few more rays every day before the sun goes down. Sunshine is a vital part of our lives. Without it, nothing on our planet would survive. Plants use it to convert light to energy, and human beings feel the effects, too. Getting a healthy dose of sunlight every day will improve your health in dozens of different ways. Here are a few of the most common!


Boost Your Vitamin D. Did you know Vitamin D isn’t exactly a “vitamin” the way we normally understand it? We receive most of our nutrients through the food we consume, but Vitamin D is created by the body itself. It’s also found in certain foods, but it’s unlikely you’ll consume enough eggs and fish to get what you need. Sunshine is vital for Vitamin D production, so make sure you’re getting at least 5-30 minutes of sunshine at least a few days a week. Take a walk during your next break!

Balance Your Mood. Lack of sun exposure has been linked to low mood and even depression. In climates without a lot of sunshine, people often experience negative mood swings. Make sure you’re getting enough sunshine. If you can’t, consider a natural mood enhancer like Happy Girl to help bring your moods back into proper balance and ward of depression.

Increase Your Metabolism. Studies have shown that basking in the sunshine can improve circulation and increase your metabolism. Because sunshine is more common during spring and summer, the body prepares itself for outdoor activities and bountiful food, unlike winter when it expects to hunker down and stay warm. Ride the wave and add some Zeal O2 to your regimen for a double-fat-burning impact!

Improve Your Sleep Habits. Sun exposure helps regulate your body’s internal clock to make sure you’re getting the right amount of sleep. If you’re sitting in dark rooms all day, your body may get confused about when it should be awake and when it should sleep. Sunlight helps remind it that it’s daytime! Sleeping better at night will improve your immune system and leave you better rested.

There are so many more benefits to sunshine – healthy eyes, healthy bones, and reduced risk of stroke and certain cancers. Of course, it’s important to remember to keep your skin protected from prolonged exposure with a good sunscreen. A little sun on your unprotected skin is good, but too much can result in a nasty burn and increased risk for skin cancer, so be wise.

That said, get out there and say hello to the sun today!