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The Biggest Problem with Weight Loss Supplements for Women and How to Fix It

The Biggest Problem with Weight Loss Supplements for Women and How to Fix It

If you're going on a diet, you've probably thought about the biggest problem with weight loss supplements for women:

You want to lose weight, but you are concerned about the health issues a supplement might cause.

You might be asking yourself the following questions:

  • Will I get enough nutrients while I'm reducing my intake of food?
  • Will the weight loss supplement I take cause additional nutritional problems?
  • Will weight loss pills aggravate conditions, like high blood pressure or stomach disorders?

Choosing a Diet Supplement with Wheatgrass is One Way to Alleviate These Problems.

The ingredients in a diet pill or supplement will let you know if the product is nutritionally valid. Eliminate a potential problem with weight loss supplements by choosing one that is heavy on nutritional support elements. If the label lists a proprietary blend including ingredients like wheatgrass, ginger, green tea extract, and other proven-to-work herbs, it's a good candidate for weight loss and nutritional support.

It's important to combine a suitable weight loss supplement enough vitamins and nutrients to keep you going through the day without feeling weak or disoriented. You can prevent any nutritional problem from weight loss supplements by using by choosing one prepared with wheatgrass.

Wheatgrass isn't a spur-of-the moment health fad. The ancient Egyptians first made wheatgrass from the cotyledons of the wheat plant over 5,000 years ago and used it to improve health and vitality.

Wheatgrass is nature's super supplement. It's not a food, per see, but you can eat it raw in leaf form. Most people don't like the taste, however. It's sometimes made into a juice or contained in a wafer or energy bar. But if you want to buy a weight loss supplement for women with nutrients, you're in luck. Wheatgrass is used as the main ingredient in some dietary supplements.

Wheatgrass Contains High Levels of Magnesium, Which is Essential for Good Health

The wheatgrass used in weight loss and nutritional supplements isn't exactly the same stuff you feed your cat. - It may be part of a proprietary formula or processed naturally for  better taste or ease of use. Wheatgrass is full of chlorophyll essential to help build blood. The molecules in chlorophyll are close to the makeup in the hemin molecule. The hemin pigment joins with protein to make hemoglobin. Magnesium is chlorophyll's main atom, iron is hemoglobin's main atom. They are both life sources – one is essentially plant blood and the other, human blood.

Chlorophyll is found in many plants, but wheatgrass has chlorophyll and over 100 nutrients essential for human health, even more if the wheatgrass has been grown in organic soil. It detoxifies the liver and the rest of the body, helps blood sugar levels, and elevates energy and mood.  Fruits, vegetables and fruit juices can't match the power of wheatgrass in raw, supplement or juice form. Instead of taking several vitamins and supplements each day, a wheatgrass-packed proprietary blend does the job of a multivitamin, nutritional supplement and weight loss supplement.

Wheatgrass has high oxygen content. Taking a wheatgrass based supplement helps your brain and body function at a higher level. Wheatgrass supplements act in three ways - as an energy enhancer, weight loss supplement and nutritional powerhouse.

Magnesium is the Central Component of the Chlorophyll in Wheatgrass

Magnesium is needed for more than 300 chemical reactions in the body and its long list of positive effects make it a popular supplement. A mineral essential to good health for men and women, it's also an electrolyte, which conducts electricity throughout the body, Necessary for healthy nerves and muscles, magnesium is available large amounts in the body naturally, although some women have low amounts. You can get magnesium through your diet by eating seeds, nuts, whole grains vegetables, meat and dark chocolate. It is used to treat occasional constipation and heartburn; the popular, over-the counter laxative Milk of Magnesia is made with magnesium. Athletes take magnesium to increase strength and endurance. It's used as a natural treatment for high blood pressure, bad cholesterol and irregular heartbeat.

Magnesium calms the busy nervous system, helping individuals sleep better. It is important for women, as it decreases fluid retention and stomach bloating during menstruation.

Folate and B-Complex Vitamins are Important to Fix the Nutritional Problem with Weight Loss Supplements for Women

B-complex vitamins are essential for dozens of reasons. Folate (vitamin B9) is particularly important for women of childbearing age. A quick look at each B complex vitamin shows that they provide many nutrients needed for healthy living.

B-complex vitamins curb the moodiness and anxiety experienced during PMS and improve memory. If you experience leg cramps at night, using a weight supplement with vitamin B and including more lean meat and vegetables diet in the diet will put an end to this condition. All the fun snack foods we crave – like cookies, cake, potato chips and fried foods – only exacerbate anxiety, mood swings and depression. This is true whether a woman is experiencing PMS or not, and it's true for men, too.  

How to Find a Weight Loss Supplement with Nutritional Support for Women

During menstruation, wheatgrass flushes out clots and regulates a woman's cycle. Nutrients in wheatgrass stimulate red blood cell production and may even reduce the smell of menstrual blood. That's a concern for nutrient loss and fatigue in women with heavy periods. The nutrients in wheatgrass weight loss supplements contain vitamins and minerals to nourish the body.

When wheatgrass (or a proprietary blend containing wheatgrass) is taken first time during the menstrual cycle, it may cause more blood flow. After all, it does increase production of red blood cells, but the body will soon adjust.

A wheatgrass supplement with B-complex vitamins provides extra nutritional support to women. Folate, or Vitamin B9, along with the chlorophyll content in wheatgrass, counters anemia caused by heavy blood loss during menstruation. The nutrient problem with weight loss supplements for women are easily fixed by choosing these blended formulas.

So if you're encountering the biggest problem with weight loss supplements for women, you can easily fix it by researching the ingredients in supplement. Only choose supplements that offer vitamins, wheatgrass and other nutritional ingredients to provide energy and body function weight loss that doesn't mean you should denied nutrients. (See our other post: 14 Misconceptions about Weight Loss Supplements)

Remember that scientific and nutritional validation is the key to finding a good weight loss supplement. By learning more about wheatgrass, B-complex vitamins, amino acids and natural supplements such as cayenne pepper and gingko biloba, you can become a more informed consumer. You'll learn that there's more to weight loss supplements than the brands that hit the market with a whirlwind promotional campaign and then crash and burn. There are excellent, nutrition-oriented supplements on the market, you just have to look for them.

Proprietary Blends, Vitamins and Menopause

During menopause and perimenopause many women gain weight due to falling estrogen levels and overall hormone fluctuations. The thyroid functions more slowly as a result of falling estrogen levels theses thyroid and hormone changes cause weight gain  combine this extra stress of menopause with lack of exercise  leave older women open to weight gain.

With the increased problems posed by menopause, it may seem like this is the worst time to take weight loss supplements for women. But it doesn't have to be - a nutritionally based weight loss supplement will not only help a menopausal women shed unwanted pounds while providing much needed minerals and vitamins.

Selenium is needed in small amounts for both women and men, but it has an effect on quality of life. Selenium balances the thyroid's hormone production. That's important throughout life, but much more so for menopausal women. The selenium in wheatgrass has great antioxidant properties, builds immunity, and contributes to proper thyroid function.

Wheatgrass Combined with Other Natural Supplements Leads to Optimal Health

Any weight loss supplement with a wheatgrass base provides all the essential amino acids, chlorophyll. It's like a multivitamin, proprietary blend and natural weight loss supplement all in one. Vitamin A (for better eyesight), Vitamin E is a cell-protecting antioxidant which also improves eyesight.

Some Popular Holistic Supplements Used with Wheatgrass Include:

  • Chromium picolinate is often used in weight loss supplements. It regulates blood sugar and is helpful to people with type 2 diabetes. It helps lower blood sugar levels and stabilize or lessen insulin usage. If you use insulin, don't change your dosage until you've discussed it with your doctor.
  • White Willow Bark (salix alba)  is native to Asia and Europe. It's a folk remedy used for osteoarthritis and joint pain relief. It contains salicylate, the same ingredient used in aspirin. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are great for heart health and blood pressure.
  • Ginger is much more than a cooking spice. Used as a medicine for thousands of years in Chinese, Arabic and Indian cultures. It's used for headaches, colds, (it breaks up mucus), respiratory infections, nausea, motion sickness and osteoarthritis.
  • Taurine moves potassium magnesium and sodium through cells. You may have seen this ingredient in energy drinks, and it is essential to some weight loss supplements for women that double as a lifelong nutritional aid. An energy drink or diet pill needs more ingredients than caffeine to achieve results.

Lesser Known but Just as Effective, These Supplements Can Also Be Combined with Wheatgrass:

  • Gotu Kola relieves stress and fatigue. It improves memory and concentration. Used for thousands of years, it's a member of the parsley family and has no smell or taste. The plant is native to Japan, India, South Africa and China. It treats colds, respiratory infections, varicose veins and lessens anxiety. Gotu Kola is unrelated to the kola nut - it's not a stimulant and contains no caffeine.
  • Goldenseal  is a dried root used for medicine for many conditions. It is a holistic treatment for the common cold, intestinal digestive disorders, whooping cough, pneumonia, menstrual problems, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and urinary infections.  It continues the  chemical berberin, and may stop E coli bacteria infections.
  • Hawthorne Berry used to treat blood pressure and heart disease for thousands of years. It includes ACE inhibitor qualities, like garlic helps circulatory system. It's used to treat menstrual problems It's been suggested by reputable sources such as  WebMd that it may improve conditions that led to heart failure University of Maryland medical Center American doctors used it to treat circulatory disorders in the 1800s., and it's been used as a medicine since the first century. Hawthorne berry includes antioxidant flavonoids and OPCS, which help prevent angina.

Amino Acids - Protein's Building Blocks

Amino acids are the protein building blocks to a healthy life, and most (but not all) of them are produced naturally in the body. Wheatgrass contains several essential amino acids. They include:

  • Isoleucine boosts stamina. It's great for athletes and other active people because it repairs muscles and leads to faster healing of injuries. Isolecine can't be manufactured by the body, so you'll need to get it from wheatgrass  or your diet. Isolecine deficiency causes headaches dizziness and low blood sugar similar to hypoglycemia.
  • Valine and leucine, the other three branched chain amino acids in the body and also heals muscles after exercise or strenuous activity.

Enzymes -These Essential Fat Fighters are Plentiful in Wheatgrass

Enzymes are necessary to break down fat and lose weight, and wheatgrass is full cytochrome oxidase, protease and other biologically important enzymes.  They include:

Amylase, produced in the panaceas, is necessary so the salivary glands can work properly. This enzyme helps you digest carbohydrates. Lipase breaks down fat in the intestines, turning them into glycerol and fatty acids. Protease (proteolytic enzymes) helps you digest the proteins in foods. They're produced naturally in the pancreas, but also available in papaya and pineapple. Transhydrogenase keeps heart muscles strong. These are just a few of the enzymes available in a serving of wheatgrass or wheatgrass-based weight supplement.

Other Healthy Nutrients in Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass detoxifies the body because it contains saponin, which cleanses the lymphatic system. The saponin helps remove crystallized acid, hard mucus, and other harmful build-up from tissues and organs. Wheatgrass keeps the body free from toxins that cause diseases, repairs muscles and keeps you alert and energetic.

Potassium helps all body function organs cells tissues and normal digestive and muscular function. Like magnesium, it's an electrolyte, conducts electricity in the body. We get it in the diet from meat, fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is chock full of Vitamin C, as well as B-complex and E vitamins, all of which fight free radicals in the body, increasing immunity to disease and strengthening your body and giving you more energy and focus for daily activities.

If you're browsing Amazon or looking at weight loss supplements for women in your local store, study product labels. A nutritionally superior formula containing wheatgrass can be used indefinitely. It's not just a weight loss supplement – you can use it after you've reached your goal weight to stay in good physical shape.

If You Are Looking for Better Nutritional Support, Try WheatgrassLove's Zeal O2 to Lose Weight

Wheatgrass is the basis for fixing the biggest problem with weight loss supplements for women.

Zeal O2 fixes the nutritional problem with weight loss supplements for women with its blend of wheat glass, vitamins and select herbs in an ongoing nutritional program to enhance energy, mood and manage your weight.. If it sounds hard to believe, just try some. Wheatgrass love has produced Zeal O2 since 1997, and check the testimonials on our website to learn about other users' experiences.

Wheatgrass Love's Zeal O2 is the convenient, long-term way to a slim figure and better overall health. You'll still need to eat a good diet filled with fruits vegetables, lean meats and fish. Limit consumption of the usual dietary culprits - refined flour and sugar, too much coffee, alcohol and junk food. Exercise is important; no pill or supplement (not even wheatgrass) is a substitute for walking jogging, yoga, golf, tennis, or other regular activity.

If you need more information on wheatgrass, you can find positive mentions of wheatgrass from the Mayo Clinic and the National Institute of Health.

When Used as Part of an Ongoing Health and Weight Management Plan, ZealO2 is the Quick but Sensible Way to Stay Healthy.

Wheatgrass, vitamins and natural supplements are blended together to provide a healthier way to lose weight. Wheatgrass Love and LifeForce Nutraceuticals ensure the highest quality, safety and potency. Learn more about Zeal O2 here. We have decades of experience perfecting proprietary blends, so you can be assured of receiving the best nutritional support from Zeal O2 and all our products from Wheatgrass Love and LifeForce Nutraceuticals.