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How to Reduce Stress, Improve Your Mood, and Better Your Health by Being Kind

How to Reduce Stress, Improve Your Mood, and Better Your Health by Being Kind

You may have noticed a theme throughout our last series of posts – how attitude can affect your health. We've discussed compassion, laughter, and gratitude. Throughout, we've seen study after study prove that our mental and physical health can be tied to the attitude we present to the world. There's one more way to use your attitude to affect positive change in your own health, as well as the world around you. That way is kindness.

You can't change the attitudes of others, but you can always change your own. While a positive outlook on life will gift you with everything from better sleep to increased energy, it can be hard to maintain that momentum when you're around people who bring you down. Still, moving forward and setting an example can have an effect. Similarly to the way that generosity is often mirrored by people who watch someone else show it first, kindness very often begets kindness.

 When you come across people dwelling in their own negativity, don't give into the temptation to let their bad mood rub off on you. It's very easy to let that happen – sometimes the stress of intrapersonal relationships weighs on us more than we realize. It's not advisable to plaster on false cheer and try to lecture them out of it, either. Instead, try kindness. Do things without asking, be friendly, and be helpful. You'll be amazed at the effect it has.

This can be difficult to pull off. Sometimes you'll be faced with people who are so determined to cause harm to themselves and others that there's just no getting through to them. Be kind anyway. You've heard the saying "kill them with kindness," so do just that. Keep your positive attitude intact and let the negativity roll off your back. In the end, you'll feel a lot better.

Being kind offers a lot of the same psychological benefits of being compassionate. Your stress levels will be reduced, your immune system will be stronger, and your mental balance will be more in tune. It can even reduce pain levels! You can help maintain this positive mood and feeling of calm through the incorporation of wheatgrass in your diet. People who use Happy Girl in particular often report improved mood and a better sense of calm.

Don't let other people drag you down. If you maintain your cool and continue treating them with kindness, you might even bring them up.