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Help Yourself

Help Yourself

When we  find ourselves fighting the first symptoms of a cold we automatically think to get some chicken noodle soup and some vitamin C. However when the minor sickness becomes what we think it is out of our control we are all guilty of taking that useless trip to the doctors. What did they end up telling you? Go home, get some rest and drink lots of fluids. You couldv'e searched that online and saved yourself a trip. Not all people are able to recieve that helpful bit of info; most are actually fooled by their ever so honorable and trusted doctors who prescribe them drugs that they claim you absolutely need to feel 100% again. 

We become reliant on people whose jobs are to "help us", when in fact they may have had a change inmind and are only looking to pay for that nice car parked in their driveway. Don't get me wrong there are people who want to help but if you sit and think about the last couple of times you were at the doctorss, were you satisfied as you walked out the door? What if we were all so healthy that we didn't even need a doctor to call...wouldn't that be something. 

We've all been victims of being tricked into taking something we don't need. Coming from personal experience, I had visited a doctor that I had thought was a nice, honest lady a few weeks ago; she wanted to prescribe me some antibiotics that I had previously told her I was allergic to for an infection she wasn't even sure I had! Her defense was that I should take them just in case I were to develop a bacterail infection from my incoming wisdom teeth. She also prescribed me a numbing drug to release the very MILD pain I was experiencing. I took a stand and told her I'd stick with the local market orajel that had been getting me through the day just fine. Why would I take something that I knew I didn't need? Sure I'm not a doctor but I do have the brains to know what my body is capable of heeling on its own.

Our bodies are poweful machines like cars. We fuel them with nutiricous food to obtain lots of energy. We take care of them to ensure a happy mind, body and soul. That being said, we can't put things into our bodies that weren't made for them. When I say "made for them" I don't mean the little pills that claim to cure us of illness that were produced in a lab somewhere we'll never know of. I'm talking about all of the fruits and veggies that contain the nurtriends our bodies crave. If our bodies are natural beings of the world, don't you think we should be eating the natural foods of the world?