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Healthy City Spotlight: Seattle

Healthy City Spotlight: Seattle

When you think of Seattle, what comes to mind? Probably things like coffee, grunge, tech companies, the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and Puget Sound. These are some of the things that make this city great! All good, but there’s something else that makes this a great place to live and visit – it’s one of the healthiest cities in the nation! It routinely makes Top 10 lists for America’s healthiest cities in areas like physical fitness, nutrition, health status, and mental wellness.


So, what makes Seattle so darn healthy? It helps that it’s an ideal location for outdoor activity, especially if you love watersports and hiking. You’ll also find plenty of opportunity for jogging on the beach, skiing, and finding healthy treats to eat. People living in and around the city are less prone to health issues like heart disease or diabetes, and they tend to smoke less than people in other areas of the country.

Most of all, it’s about mindset and lifestyle. With the right motivation, you can eat well and exercise just about anywhere. What sets the folks in Seattle apart? Their dedication to wellness. Many residents practice yoga, meditation, and other self-centering techniques, which is both wonderful physical activity and excellent for mental balance and clarity. Commuters are dedicated not only to their health, but also to the environment. This means less driving and more biking! Bike and walking trails sprawl throughout the city and its many parks, encouraging a lovely and refreshing morning commute for people who would rather hit the trail than hit the road.


With over ten thousand residents dedicated to biking, it’s easy to see why the statistics show Seattle’s health status to be so high. Biking is excellent cardiovascular exercise, and it keeps the body toned and fit. It’s also a fantastic option for weight loss. When they’re not biking, Seattle commuters are often running or walking. According to recent data, up to 10% of the population walks to work.

In some areas of the country, it can be difficult to come by fresh, organic food. Not in Seattle. Between farmers markets, fresh wild-caught fish, and health-conscious eateries on practically every corner, it’s not hard to see why people who love food love this city. From salmon to coffee, you’ll find something for every palate, and more importantly, it’s GOOD for the body.While excessive amounts of caffeine can be detrimental, it does have beneficial effects in moderation. We personally use cocoa for a touch of caffeine in REVV and green tea in our other products for a minimal, effective, healthy caffeine boost. When you’re drinking high-quality coffee in moderation, you may experience better mood, decreased risk of disease, and even reduced risk for cancer!

You might’ve heard that Seattle’s always rainy, and that this affects mood. It is true that lack of significant sunshine can result in too much melanin production, which can lead to low mood and even depression. However, Seattle is still high-ranking in mental wellness. While they do get a lot of rain, there are still plenty of sunny days, too. The combination of diet, exercise, and other natural anti-depressants helps keep them feeling their best. Incorporating a supplement like Happy Girl into the mix is even better!

As you can see, Seattle is a city dedicated to exercise, eating healthy, being outdoors, and maintaining mental health. For those who love being active, this is definitely a place to visit.