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Healthy City Spotlight: San Diego

Healthy City Spotlight: San Diego

 San Diego is a healthy and vibrant city full of people who care about their mental and physical wellbeing. With its combination of sun, surf, and fun, it’s an ideal home for people who love life. The WheatgrassLove headquarters are located in San Diego, and with good reason… we just can’t get enough of this incredible place.

The locals really know how to take charge of their health. In fact, NerdWallet Health recently declared SD one of the Top 15 Healthiest Cities in the nation. From spending plenty of time outdoors to eating a healthy diet, San Diegans know how to stay ahead of the curve. So, what about this place makes it so healthy? Here are a few highlights.


Regular marathons and athletic events. People from all over California (or even all over the country) routinely participate in one or more of San Diego’s many marathons, triathlons, or other athletic events. Many raise money for a great cause while promoting a healthful lifestyle. They range in difficulty from beginner to professional, so there’s something for everyone. Do you participate?

Access to sun and ocean air. We’ve written on the health benefits of sunshine before, and this is the perfect place to catch plenty of rays. The ocean also provides plenty of activity and fresh air with just the right touch of salt.

Healthy food available throughout the city. In some areas of the country, healthy food and fresh produce is few and far between. Not so in San Diego. Between freshly grilled fish tacos, a variety of California produce, and access to some of this century’s most nutritious superfoods, there’s always something for people who want to feed their body well.

A county that cares. The city itself wants its residents to thrive and live well. That’s why they’ve created a 10-year initiative called – you guessed it – Live Well, San Diego. The county is working hard to unite the community in a common goal. That goal is dedicating efforts toward making San Diego residents healthy, safe, and thriving. There’s no greater health goal than that!


It’s no coincidence that we’ve chosen to house our business in this city. When you’re as dedicated to health and wellness as we are at WheatgrassLove, you need the support of a community dedicated to those same ideals. If you’ve never been, we recommend that you visit!