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Healthy City Spotlight: Boston

Healthy City Spotlight: Boston

Earlier this year, Boston was declared the “Healthiest City in America” by NerdWallet, a consumer advocacy website. They judged a variety of American cities based on things like rates of disease, exercise level, environment, healthy weight levels, and a number of other factors. Looks like Beantown came out on top! This is hardly a surprise… Boston’s always been a haven for health-conscious people and a sizeable population of young people thanks to the area’s famous universities.

What keeps Boston residents so darn healthy? Attitude, to start. Many Bostonians are health-conscious, with more than 80% of the city reporting that they’ve exercised in the last thirty days. Public transportation is heavily utilized, and a significant number of residents walk or bike to school or work. This has the dual effect of reducing harmful emissions and improving health through regular exercise.

The Boston area also offers tons of healthy food options, with regular farmer’s markets and access to every type of food a resident could dream of, including foods for special diets. Health food stores are plentiful, including those that offer wheatgrass for better digestion, energy, and overall health. Organic, farm-to-table, and locally sourced ingredients can be found throughout the city’s upcoming and trendy restaurants. Eating well is important to locals – more than 25% of them claim to eat five or more servings of fruit and vegetables every day!

Like most big cities that boast plenty of opportunity for walking, Boston also offers lots of public parks. This adds some greenery, along with a healthy dose of history – many of America’s most famous historical figures lived or worked in Boston. If one’s so inclined, they can jog through a cemetery with headstones hundreds of years old, or bike past Paul Revere’s home.

Overall health gets high marks, as well. Bostonians are 14% less likely to smoke than the national average, and thanks to health care legislation passed in the state years ago, at least 95% of the residents have health insurance. That means they can get regular preventative care, which helps catch disease early and keep them fit!

You can see why Boston ranks high on the “healthy city” scale. Not only is it a beautiful, historic, and iconic place to visit, it’s also a great place for the health-conscious. As the locals say, that’s wicked awesome!