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Great Guarana!

Great Guarana!

Revival without the Sugar

Does your boss get mad at you for dozing off at your desk?  Do your friends complain about you spacing out when they’re telling you about their day?  And how many times have you found yourself struggling to keep your eyes open in that super long, boring meeting?  It’s probably safe to bet that we all have days like these, but if you experience these problems multiple times a week, getting that full 8 hours of sleep just might not cut it.  Sure, you could waste the $3-$5 on a sugary energy drink, but you’d feel terrible an hour or so later.  And not to mention that the sugar dumped in it doesn’t exactly help those tight pants fit any better.  So what can you do?  The smart option is to add some guarana to your diet.

What’s guarana?  Sounds kind of tropical right?  Guarana actually comes from the berries of shrub in the Amazon. It was used traditionally to relieve headaches, fevers, and dysentery.  It’s a component that has effects similar to caffeine: increased energy, increased focus, and a suppressed appetite. What does this mean for you? More energy! Along with more energy, it can boost your stamina as well, which means it’ll last longer than a sugar-filled energy drink.

Doubtful?  Don’t be.  Recent studies show that guarana can increase alertness as well as put you in a better mood.  Research also suggests that it can improve cognitive functions.  Yah, that’s right, you can actually become smarter from taking guarana.on top of that guarana actually helps you lose weight.  Studies show it decreases the appetite and increasing energy, which balances food intake and energy.In addition to that, new studies show that it may be chemoproventive, neuroprotective, and anxiolytic.  Which means it prevents disease, nerve damage, and helps with anxiety.  And it can also protect against metabolic defects, especially for the elderly.

It’s true that guarana has found it’s way into many energy drinks, but with the massive amounts of sugar and calories, the benefits of guarana are nulled. It’s like eating a piece of spinach that has been deep might taste good, but you aren’t going to get the nutrition you need from it.

So where can you find guarana? Well you could pay through your teeth at local vitamin and health stores, or you can find it in our Wheatgrasslove products! Not only do you get the health benefits of guarana in our products, but you’ll also find a bonus of many other important vitamins & minerals to make you feel and live better.

Now that you know all the benefits of guarana don’t waste another dollar on an energy drink. Come back to life with the help of WheatgrassLove for an energized and focused version of the real you.