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Get in Shape and Live Longer

Get in Shape and Live Longer

Along with good diet, sleep, vitamins (and genetics), so many factors contribute to good health. Exercise and staying active is critical, not only for weight management, but for circulation, blood pressure, heart health and other body functions. While it's not necessary to be an athlete to be fit and fight disease, it's important stay active. And staying active includes taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking to the store instead of driving, taking breaks while working on the computer to stretch -- it all adds up. Get in shape, live longer with a regular exercise routine. Even if you've been inactive for a long time, are over 50, or have a health condition such as high blood pressure, exercise will improve your health, tone your body, make you feel more energetic and live longer!

Find the Best Exercises or Sports for Your Needs

You don't need to become a bodybuilder or spend hours on the tennis court every day to be fit. There are dozens of activities to choose from, and selecting a variety of exercises and sports will keep you from getting bored (and suffering injuries due to repeating the same movements over and over).

There are many different exercises and sports to enjoy, from yoga and Tai Chi to hiking and swimming. You can mix and match activities to your lifestyle and body type.  If you have health concerns like osteoporosis and back problems you'll need to talk to your doctor about the right activities for you.

Even if you're not the athletic type, just getting started will get your endorphins REVVed up and spark neurotransmitters in your brain including dopamine serotonin and you'll want to exercise more. Try it! The more active you are, the more you'll want to exercise.

How Getting in Shape Benefits More Than Your Looks

Exercise keeps you slim and has anti-aging properties that rival any pricey skin lotion or plastic surgery. Exercise improves your balance, reduces depression, improves your mental clarity and keeps your calm. It helps prevent or lessen the effects of diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease.

Everyday activity such as doing the laundry or mopping the floor doesn't count as part of weekly exercise, even though it's physical activity and benefits you more than watching TV and never moving from the sofa. Once you start exercising, don't stay with the same routine indefinitely you won't continue to get good results and build up endurance strength.

Don't use the excuse you can't afford a gym membership or personal trainer. You can start your exercise routine just by walking 10 minutes or more a day. Walking doesn't require any training and over a dozen studies including the Women's Health Study, Nurses and Harvard Alumni Health Study and have shown it reduces your chance of diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

How Regular Exercise Improves Endurance, Strength and Flexibility

Regular exercise improves your muscle strength and endurance; it will give you more energy for everyday activities. Physical activity pumps up your cardiovascular system and helps oxygen and nutrients infuse your tissues. This increases energy for daily activities from chores and work at the office to socializing with friends. If you've having trouble falling asleep, exercising during the day will help you fall into a deeper sleep sooner. Avoid exercising too close to bedtime as it will energize you and keep you awake. Exercise is a great way to further your social life by connecting with family and friends on a soccer, softball or touch football team. Even sports like bowling give you some measure of physical exercise and further your social life.

If you are too tired to enjoy physical intimacy, regular exercise will give you more energy and leave you looking trimmer and more youthful. Exercise enhances sexual arousal in women and helps ease sexual dysfunction in men. Studies indicate that out of shape men are more likely to have erectile dysfunction.

It's no secret then, that exercise enhances mood – all those endorphins spark better feelings and help you blow off steam. If you're feeling bland or blue, a quick walk or a few minutes on the stairmaster will lift your mood – and help your health in a dozen other ways.

Are You a Worry Wart? Choose Anti-Anxiety Exercises

Choose from the following anti-anxiety exercises:

Aerobics, running dancing, spinning and just about any high-energy activity that will release endorphins for natural high.

Yoga postures, including breathing exercises to calm you down and relieve muscle soreness using gentle hatha yoga. There are more high energy forms of yoga, like Kundalini yoga that you can check out of you're looking for a physical form of yoga involving more movement.

Pilates, a serious of anaerobic (opposite of aerobic) exercises using a mat and Pilates ball. is designed to increase flexibility, strength and endurance. You can take a class or practice at home at your own pace.

Weight-Bearing Activities are Great for Creaky Joints and Bones

Creaky bones and joints are a problem for older people and some younger people who sit at a desk all day. We lose bone as we age, but strengthening exercises can help. You want to try weight bearing exercises like climbing stairs, hiking or walking strengthens bones. Swimming and biking are great to improve muscle tone, but they don't offer the same weight bearing activity that's needed to strengthen bones.   

The more physical activity undertaken, the greater the probability of weight control, better health and increased lifespan.  The American College of Sports Medicine and the  American Heart Association recommend that you exceed the minimum daily exercise requirements to prevent disease, disability and weight gain. 

The economic and medical cost of inactivity burdens both the community and the individual, so being proactive and hitting the gym or jogging trail will save you time in the ER or doctor's office later on. While there's no guarantee that exercise will prevent illness and disease, it will reduce your chances of cancer, heart diseases and stroke and will strengthen your body so you are better able to fight illness if you do get sick.  

How Much Exercise Do I Need to Get in Shape and Live Longer?

Adults need to get at least 2 1 /2 hours of moderate aerobic activity each week or 1 ¼ hours of intense exercise, or a mixture of both, according to the 2008 Activity Guidelines for Americans. During moderate activity walking should be able to carry on a conversation vigorous activity speaks short sentences. What's vigorous for one person is moderate for another, so experiment with what works for you.

If you want to use exercise as part of a weight loss program, 30 minutes a day is sufficient, although some people may need to spend more time exercising. Once you've lost the weight, a study by the National Weight Control Registry shows that you'll need to burn 400 calories a day from exercise to help keep the weight off.

There's a link between long hours of TV watching and obesity. Sitting or riding in cars increases the chance of dying early, but let's face it, most people do need to drive and sit at computers for a large portion of the day. How do you counteract that? If you're inactive, any sort of exercise will help – even 15 to 20 minutes of walking a day will help increase your chance of living longer and decrease your chance of developing diabetes or heart disease.

There are different types of exercise, each one accomplishing a different goal for your body. Stretching keeps you flexible – you don't want to strain to touch your toes.

You can stretch three to five times for each separate exercise, holding the stretch for 10 to 30 seconds. Warm up before stretching and ask your doctor about safety if you have back problems.

Before and After Exercise: Warming Up and Cooling Down

Warming up before exercising primes your body for action, gently REVVing up your cardiovascular system and increasing blood flow. You can try rotating lunges, the stork fly, running in place or yoga stretching to get ready for your exercise routine or tennis game or other sporting event. 

You can stretch before exercises warm up and to cool down afterward. This will help you from straining or tearing muscles. Studies have shown there's no difference one way or the other when it comes to cooling down after exercises. But it doesn't hurt to cool down, it's probably better to do it than not.

Target Heart Rate, Maximum Heart Rate and Exercise

Cardio or aerobic exercise is vital to increase circulation and keep your heart strong. When exercising or participating in sports, you need to get your heart rate up and breathe harder, but no so much you can't talk or are in pain. This is important because your heart is a muscle that becomes stronger as you increase the amount of physical activity you undertake each day.

Your resting heart rate is the number of beats per minute when you are most relaxed. Your maximum heat rate is the number of beats per minute when you have pushed to your limit during a workout. For maximum results, when exercising, you'll need to reach your target heart rate. Your trainer or doctor can help you determine this rate. According to the American Heart Association, the average target heart rate zone for a 40 year old is 90 to 153 beats per minute, with the average maximum heart rate at 180 beats per minute.

Crunches and Other Core Exercises Firm Up Your Belly

Your core muscles commonly referred to muscles around the center of your body, your abdominal muscles, back muscle the muscle band around pelvis when you have stronger cure muscles its easier to breathe deeply doing floor on carpet or mat. Abdominal crunches will help flatten your tummy and other core exercises contribute to firming up the hard-to-control mid-section.

Endurance Exercises Boost Energy

Endurance increase capacity lungs, heart rate and give you enough energy to do daily tasks. These exercises help blood and lymph circulation. Swimming, biking, playing tennis or basketball, dancing yard work, and brisk walking are examples of endurance exercises.  You may find one type of exercise you enjoy more than others, and that's good. But keep in mind there are different types of exercises to produce different results. Endurance exercises get your heart rate up and help you improve length of time you can walk, hike, do chores around the house. You'll also need to practice exercises designed to increase strength, flexibility and balance. It's no secret that as we age, we become less limber and balance isn't as steady, so balance and flexibility exercises are important for people over 50 (though younger folks can benefit from them too).

It's important to stay active as we age. A study conducted on older Harvard graduated before 1950 suggests that even half-hour of slow walking benefits older people or disabled people much more than young, fit people get from the same amount of exercise.

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