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Botanical Spotlight: Sarsaparilla

Botanical Spotlight: Sarsaparilla

When you think of sarsaparilla, odds are good you think of the drink favored by cowboys in the Old West. It has a root beer-like flavor that has been used in soft drinks and candies for many years. You’ve probably even tried some at one point or another!

You might not know that sarsaparilla root is also an incredibly beneficial herb used in a number of supplements and natural remedies. The uniquely-flavored root is most often used for its ability to remove blood impurities, with helps a great deal with afflictions like arthritis and gout. It’s also been used to treat skin diseases like psoriasis, kidney disease, fevers, digestive trouble, and even as a supplemental booster for diseases like leprosy.

We selected sarsaparilla root as an ingredient in Happy Girl and Zeal O2 specifically because it supports the detoxification benefits of wheatgrass. The chlorophyll in wheatgrass works by bonding to impurities in the blood to support the liver and flush them out of your system, and sarsaparilla’s ability to remove impurities adds an extra layer of effectiveness. Reduced impurities have dozens of beneficial effects. It reduces swelling and irritation, calms itching and allergic reaction, and even helps balance harmful bacteria in your system.

It’s important to make sure the sarsaparilla root you’re getting is the real thing. There’s another plant known as “false sarsaparilla” that is sometimes sold as sarsaparilla, and it is sometimes found mixed in with the real plant to cut costs. While the plant isn’t harmful, it also doesn’t contain any of true sarsaparilla’s benefits. Here at WheatgrassLove, we ensure that we’re only using pure, organic sarsaparilla.

If you’re dealing with joint pain, inflammation, or need to detoxify your system, sarsaparilla is an excellent herbal remedy to try. We encourage you to incorporate wheatgrass blends into your daily routine in order to live a more balanced, fruitful, energetic and happy life.