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7 Anti-Aging Benefits of Wheatgrass Pills

7 Anti-Aging Benefits of Wheatgrass Pills

While there's no guaranteed fountain of youth, the anti-aging benefits of wheatgrass pills offer anyone the opportunity to feel and look better. When manufactured under strict quality control using high-grade wheatgrass, this nutritional supplement is a potent tool for better overall health. Wheatgrass is considered a superfood by its many fans. Its high concentration of chlorophyll “nature's sunshine” offers hundreds of nutrients necessary for robust living.

An Overview of the Anti-Aging Benefits of Wheatgrass Pills

It's never too early or too late to reduce the ill effects of aging. Whether you're 20, 40 or 55, changing your diet, exercising and adding wheatgrass and other supplements to your daily routine keeps you fit, inside and out.

Wheatgrass pills are the most convenient form of wheatgrass supplement. They're easy to transport and you don't need to worry about growing, preparing and storing the finished product yourself, like you do with homegrown wheatgrass. Wheatgrass juice from a store or restaurant can develop mold or bacteria if stored or prepared improperly. Instead of  spending time and money on preparing wheatgrass juice (or standing in line at a restaurant chain to buy it), buy wheatgrass pills from a verified member of the Natural Products Association and Organic Trade Association.

Wheatgrass contains Vitamin A and E for better, younger-looking skin, Vitamin K to reduce the chance of bone fractures and Vitamin C for faster healing and antioxidant power. Other minerals and nutrients in wheatgrass include:

Amino Acids

Wheatgrass contains amino acids essential for growth. When released into the body they help build protein and strengthen the immune system. The amino acids in this plant transport and store nutrients in cells, rejuvenating them to give you more energy. The amino acids in wheatgrass include tryptophan, which is necessary for nitrogen balance in adults and growth in infants. It helps your body make serotonin, a hormone necessary for restful sleep and a calm mood.


Iron helps your blood stay strong, and it's sometimes hard to get it from diet alone. Wheatgrass has blood-enriching iron and B-complex vitamins, including B6 and B12 to increase energy. Some wheatgrass pill manufacturers add more B-complex vitamins to the amount naturally in the plant.


Catalysts that speed up chemicals reactions in the human body, enzymes are essential for life. Most enzymes are proteins, although a few are catalytic RNA molecules. They aid digestion, metabolism and other biological processes. Certain enzymes break large molecules into tiny pieces absorbed by the body. Other enzymes combine to form a new molecule. The enzymes in wheatgrass include phosphatase, fatty acid oxidase, hexokinase, and hundreds of other biological catalysts.

Combine the Anti-Aging Benefits of Wheatgrass Pills with a Good Diet

The standard American diet, which is rich in red meat, sweets and processed foods, contributes to weight gain, constipation, diabetes, high blood pressure and dozens of other ailments. Eating a “guilty pleasure” snack occasionally at any age won't harm your health, but daily consumption of high-calorie, high-fat foods leads to many chronic health problems.

Keep your youthful figure and energy by eating a healthy diet. Studies have shown a Mediterranean diet may prevent Alzheimer's disease, dementia and improve cognitive function. Based on common meals in Greece, Crete, Southern Italy and other Mediterranean countries, it consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil and seafood. A glass of antioxidant-rich red wine is a staple at dinner, especially in Italy.Dairy products, sweets, meat and poultry are consumed in small quantities.

Eating a Mediterranean diet reduces the chance of heart disease. With its emphasis on low-calorie, high-vitamin fruits and vegetables, the Mediterranean diet provides anti-inflammatory nutrients to prevent disease and help you heal faster. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), which lower cholesterol and may regulate blood sugar levels. And red wine contains resveratrol, a polyphenol compound shown to fight free radicals. (Always remember to drink wine in moderation, with or without dinner!)

Fight Alzheimer's with the Anti-Aging Benefits of Wheatgrass Pills

The magnesium in chlorophyll is one of the best nutrients for fighting Alzheimer's and dementia. According to an article in the March 2013 Life Extension magazine, magnesium, along with green tea extract, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, resveratrol and vinpocetine (from the periwinkle herb) have proved helpful in preventing Alzheimer's and dementia. Some wheatgrass pills contain an herbal blend with green tea extract, ginseng and ginkgo biloba, improving upon the basic anti-aging benefits of wheatgrass pills.

Wheatgrass has been shown to reduce aluminum-induced Alzheimer's in tests on laboratory rats. It also oxygenates the blood, aiding circulation, which is vital to maintaining superior brain function in older adults and retain youthful energy. Taking wheatgrass pills on a regular basis will help eliminate heavy metals from your body, reducing the chance of Alzheimer's disease.

How Wheatgrass Entered the Modern Era

Although used as a health supplement in ancient times, wheatgrass fell out of favor until the 1930s. A few prominent researchers, including Charles F. Schnabel and later Ann Wigmore of the Hippocrates Health Institute, brought wheatgrass into public consciousness again.

Dr. Schnabel, an agricultural chemist, set out to find the best feed for livestock He discovered dairy cattle raised on wheatgrass gained weight and produced more milk than cattle that received other grains. During the depression, he included dehydrated wheatgrass in his family's diet. Schnabel added dried wheatgrass to his children's milk to make it easier to consume. As a result, they didn't get colds or the flu during winter weather. His six children grew up in perfect health after years of wheatgrass consumption

Chlorophyll comprises 70% of wheatgrass. It harnesses the sun's energy and gives the plant the energy it needs through photosynthesis. When you take a wheatgrass pill, you'll receive anti-aging benefits from the energy wheatgrass obtained from sunshine.

7 Anti-Aging Properties of Wheatgrass Pills

The nutrients in wheatgrass help you retain your youthful vigor in many ways. Here are a few of the advantages to taking wheatgrass pills on a regular basis.  

1. Prevents Premature Gray Hair

Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that kidney and blood health are directly related to hair pigmentation. The chlorophyll in wheatgrass helps strengthen blood and kidneys. If you have premature gray hair (or are afraid of getting it), look into the anti-aging benefits of wheatgrass pills.  

2. Prevents Anemia

The anti-aging benefits of wheatgrass pills include all aspects of health. When we think of staying young, our outer appearance – skin, hair, weight – usually come to mind first. But staying young on the inside makes all the difference, and wheatgrass increases the development of red blood cells to reduce anemia and keep you energized. It's also been shown to improve the quality of life for people with certain blood disorders.

A study in the Indian Pediatrics Journal showed that patients with the blood disorder thalassemia needed fewer transfusions after drinking wheatgrass juice. Thalassemia is a disease caused by the abnormal formation of hemoglobin. Chlorophyll and heme are similar in structure, with iron at the center of heme and magnesium at chlorophyll's center.  

3. Gives You More Energy as You Age (or Anytime)

Our energy level will naturally fade as we get older, but there are several ways ensure you stay active and involved well into your golden years. Exercise daily, get enough sleep and drink plenty of water to flush toxins out of your system. Eating foods rich in B-complex vitamins and taking supplements containing these vitamins will keep your metabolism lively as you age.

Although all B vitamins are great for your body (and mental function), but Vitamin B12 has a significant ability to increase your energy level, boost mood and help you focus. Studies have shown people deficient in B12, (or cobalamin, as it's also called) are more likely to suffer from fatigue.

A 1999 University of Washington study showed up to 15% of patients 60 and older suffer from Vitamin B12 deficiency. Older adults (especially vegetarians) may have diets lacking in Vitamin B12. This energy-boosting vitamin is found in meat, poultry, shellfish, eggs and milk. Adding more of these foods to the diet will help increase your energy, but adults over 50 often experience problems absorbing Vitamin B12. Include wheatgrass pills as part of your daily health plan to ensure you get more of this essential vitamin as you age.

4. Promotes Healthy Digestion

Wheatgrass improves digestion, which is an issue for many people over 50. It helps clean out the colon and balance bacteria in your gut. When you don't have enough good bacteria in your stomach, you're more likely to develop poor digestion and other health problems. When gut bacteria is off-balance, bad bacteria takes over, growing out of control and becoming a toxic force in the body.

Wheatgrass, with its high chlorophyll content, helps restore balance throughout your body, including the digestive system.  This makes harmful gut bacteria die and introduces good bacteria into the stomach, keeping you regular. When you eliminate often, you feel better and weigh less. Chronic constipation packs on a few extra pounds and may be a sign of of colon cancer or irritable bowel syndrome. (IBS).

Wheatgrass pills offer relief for other stomach problems as well. According to research conducted at the Israel Institute of Technology, patients who received wheatgrass juice to treat ulcerative colitis experienced significant improvement over patients who received a placebo.

5. Detoxifies Your Body

By detoxifying the lymphatic and gastro-intestinal system, wheatgrass aids in reducing body odor and bad breath. The chlorophyll in wheatgrass rids the mouth of sulfites and toxins, preventing tooth decay and protecting tooth enamel.

Wheatgrass contains superoxide dismutase (SOD). This enzyme reduces or eliminates the effects of radiation. An antioxidant produced by the human body, it neutralizes and absorbs free radicals before they harm tissues. One of the hundreds of enzymes in wheatgrass, SOD adds power to your anti-aging arsenal. As you age, free radicals in your body increase and SOD naturally decreases. Taking wheatgrass pills renews your supply of superoxide dismutase to slow down the aging process and fight disease.

6. Contributes to a Healthy Thyroid

Nutrient-rich wheatgrass strengthens the thyroid, a butterfly shaped gland underneath the voice box. A healthy thyroid gland regulates weight and metabolic function. The chlorophyll in wheatgrass contains iodine, which the thyroid needs to make hormones. Selenium deficiency has been shown to cause autoimmune thyroid disorders, according to a French study. The Vitamin C in wheatgrass fights toxins and free radicals, while Vitamin A contributes carotenes needed to prevent thyroid malfunction.     

7. Keeps Muscles Working Efficiently

If you wake up in the middle of the night with muscle cramps, suffer from facial tics or experience muscle spasms during the day, you may have poor magnesium intake. An adequate amount of magnesium, through diets or supplements, is vital for muscle relaxation. Without it, your muscles keep contracting.

The chlorophyll in wheatgrass contains enough magnesium to help your body perform over 300 biochemical reactions. It keeps your bones strong, your heartbeat steady and helps calm jittery nerves. Magnesium is typically found in dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, yogurt and avocados. The anti-aging properties of wheatgrass pills are obvious for adults over 55, who may have trouble absorbing magnesium

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