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6 Ways to Greenify Your Life for Earth Day

6 Ways to Greenify Your Life for Earth Day

Earth Day has arrived and everyone’s going green! This is a day set aside to celebrate our planet, our environment, and the remarkable balance we’re all a part of. There are a lot of ways to make your life a little greener, and now’s the perfect time to take those steps. It’ll be good for you, good for the planet, and ultimately good for everyone!

1)      Learn to love biking and walking.

If you’re able to safely bike or walk to get where you need to go, you should strongly consider it. Driving less uses less fuel or electricity, causes less wear and tear to your car, alleviates traffic, and spares the air. Plus, exercise will make you feel great!

2)      Grow your own ingredients for a fabulous green shake.

You may not be able to grow everything that goes into your usual power shake, but there are lots of greens you can grow right in your own backyard! Personal gardens let you know exactly where your food is coming from and grow it to your specifications. It may also reduce your amount of waste and give you fresh compost! Try kale, parsley, limes, spinach, mint, or any of your other favorite leafy greens or fresh herbs.

3)      Consider solar power.

Committing to solar power for your home or office is a big step, but the energy savings you see and the benefits to the environment are huge. If you’re not in charge of approving green initiatives for your place of business, consider starting a petition to sway the higher-ups. Show them the cost-savings benefits! If you’re not ready for that much of a commitment, try out some smaller personal panels, or even a solar-powered mobile phone charger!

4)      Oxygenate your blood with chlorophyll-rich superfoods.

Dark, leafy greens and other chlorophyll-rich superfoods like wheatgrass will do wonderful things for your body. The lifeblood of plants also works hard to oxygenate and clean YOUR blood. Chlorophyll supports liver function in helping attract toxins so they can be flushed from the body more easily. WheatgrassLove offers several natural products that use wheatgrass as the key ingredient for just this reason.

5)      Plant a tree.

Planting a tree is great for the environment, encourages cleaner air, and is a fantastic bonding exercise for families. If you have a new baby, consider planting a tree that will grow along with them over the years.

6)      Volunteer to clean a local beach, park, or lake.

Volunteers can be hard to come by, but they’re so important. Consider giving back to the planet that gives you life by cleaning up a natural area that’s suffering from neglect or litter. There are often groups in your area who do work like this, but if not, start your own!

Whatever you do, we hope you find a great way to greenify your life this Earth Day!