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5 Ways to Relieve Stress

5 Ways to Relieve Stress

Some more than others.. We’ve all had those days where we’ve wanted to spend all day hiding under the covers. Like a gloomy day the sun will come out and things should brighten up for you. Whether your reason to lay around all day be because you’ve been overworked, overwhelmed or just need a day to yourself, try to take a few steps into making the clouds move away so you can enjoy the fresh air and warm sun. Of course I’m not talking about using sorcery to make the weather change but I am giving a few tips of how to enjoy things even when you’re feeling a little gloomy.

1. Listen to some music. 

Grabbing some headphones and tuning out to your favorite mix can relax your mind while pumping you up full of positive energy. Adding music to your workout can also keep you on track and get you motivated to stepping up your game. 

2. Get some exercise. 

Whether you go to the gym and make you're way up a few miles on the stairmaster or just going outside for a quick powerwalk,  getting your daily work out allows your body to release feel good endorphins that brighten your mood along with your day. Group exercise or individual workouts both do well to relieve worrysome stress.

3. Eat some food. 

Picking up a quick snack from the little cafe down the street or making something new out of the ingredients in your pantry keeps your mind busy while dealing with hard days. Energy from food is known to relieve headaches as well as make everyone a little bit more happy when you're munching on your favorite snacks. While food can be tempting to indulge in, remember that everything is good in small proportions. 

4. Take a nap.

Maybe you just had a bad night of sleep. Snuggling onto the couch and catching a quick nap can revive your body's energy while taking stress off your shoulders. Getting a few extra hours of sleep under your belt will improve your view on the rest of your day. 

5. Find something you love.

Mixing up your everyday routine can be exciting as well as stress relieving. Finding a new activity to set your mind on is relaxing and entertaining. Whether it be going for a run, trying new recipes, taking a ceramics class, or maybe even skydiving... the world is your playground so go out and play.