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5 Holistic Habits for Surviving Winter

5 Holistic Habits for Surviving Winter


Winter is one of the most difficult times of the year. It’s cold, there’s poor weather, heavy food, and dry air. How can you fight off the winter doldrums and stay healthy during the coldest months? Here are some holistic habits to help you survive the most common winter ailments.

 1)      Pamper Your Dry Skin

Cold, dry air can suck the moisture right out of your skin. Do you find that your skin is itchy, chapped, cracked, or ashy? No worries, help is here. To banish dead layers of skin and bring your natural glow back, try an all-natural exfoliant. Many stores carry them, or you can make your own. A little bit of organic sugar or sea salt combined with a drizzle of olive oil creates a wonderfully moisturizing scrub for your morning shower. Add a drop or two of skin-safe essential oil for fragrance! If your lips are especially painful, try using a little honey. And don’t forget your Vitamin E!

2)      Keep Colds at Bay

Everyone knows that a boost of Vitamin C helps ward off winter colds, but how many other holistic preventative cures are you aware of? For well-rounded body support, you may want to get some extra zinc and Vitamin D as well. If you’re getting a little stuffy, try a little aromatherapy. Add some eucalyptus or menthol oil to a steaming bowl of water, cover your head in a towel, then lean over the water and breathe deep.

3)      Treating Ice and Wind Burns

Snow’s a blast to play in, but it can leave you with some pretty painful wind and ice burns if you’re not careful. Just like a sunburn, a windburn can be treated with soothing aloe vera gel. Use clean, filtered water on burned skin. If your skin is scraped and you need a holistic antiseptic, try tea tree oil. Make sure to read up on how to dilute it if necessary. Many burns from cold can be treated at home, but if you ever suspect frostbite or more serious damage, make sure you see a doctor.

4)      Shedding the Winter Weight

All those holiday parties were fun, and they even gave you a gift… some extra weight! No worries. If you normally exercise outdoors, you may find winter weather keeping you inside. Find an indoor routine that works for you. You can try cardio, weights, or yoga. To give yourself an extra boost while you shed those pounds, take some Zeal O2. It’s full of natural ingredients that will help you burn fat easily.

5)      Beating the Blues

Dreary weather for extended periods of time can really do a number on your mood. Luckily, there are lots of ways to brighten things up again. Start with your diet – healthy eating makes your body feel good. Incorporate more healthy fats! Exercise will boost your energy and release endorphins. For an extra bit of oomph to get you up and going, try some Happy Girl. The chlorophyll and other supplements will help balance you out and diminish negative feelings.