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The Disease of More – One Reason You’re Depressed

The Disease of More – One Reason You’re Depressed

People who are never satisfied despite having a high-paying job, expensive clothes, a million-dollar house, a beautiful family and a luxury car suffer from the disease of more. They believe they can’t be complete unless they have more money, a bigger house, a more expensive car, or a higher-status job. 

Once they buy a bigger house, it’s not enough. They aren’t happy, and they need a palatial mansion. Researchers have studied the correlation between contentment and money, and after an individual makes about $120,000 a year, happiness tends to diminish. 

Depending on where you live and your needs, you may even be perfectly happy on much less.  

The belief that you need even more than what you have to be happy, or to have a good life, makes you feel miserable even if you are doing well. Research shows that once people’s basic needs are met- food, shelter, clothing, medical care – everything else is gravy. 

Always wanting more is an addiction. You’re never happy with what you have, emotionally or financially. It’s healthy to always strive to live well and challenge yourself, whether you have ten dollars in the bank or ten million. Wanting more material things, more money, or more of anything just to do it (or to outdo yourself or others) is an addiction. It’s the disease of more.  

Think of always wanting more – more money, more accolades, a bigger car or house – like a drug or alcohol addiction. You always need to do more to be satisfied, but you’re never satisfied. That’s an addiction. 


The Curse of Never Being Satisfied

The disease of more extends to what you do, not just material things. If you can’t be can’t be happy or content unless you do more, or reach the next “level” in some occupation or hobby, you suffer from this thinking disorder. It’s fine to set goals or have dreams, but your desire to succeed or achieve more shouldn’t make you feel miserable.

Learn how to enjoy your journey, not merely the attainment of your goals. Getting there takes up most of your time; you should appreciate every step you take to get what you what – in school, in your personal relationships, and in your career. 

How to Cure the Disease of More 

It may not be easy to change the way you look at your life, but if you add the following activities to your daily routine, you may soften your attitude and feel calmer and happier.   

Practice Gratitude 

Make a list of what you’re grateful for instead of thinking about what you don’t have. Your family may not be perfect, but they give you comfort and joy and help you when you’re sick or depressed. 

You can be thankful you live in a safe neighborhood, or that you have a best friend you can talk to when you have a problem. 

Most people take nature for granted. Be happy you have a backyard garden, or that you can go to a beach or park on the weekends. 

Help Others 

Doing volunteer work will get your mind off your supposed problems. Tutoring disadvantaged children will help you realize how well your kids are doing in school and how well you provide for them. Working in a community garden will help you appreciate nature more, and volunteering at a pet clinic will increase your empathy and appreciation for your pets and other animals.  You’ll be able to put your life in perspective when you get out of your head (and away from social media) and see what the outside world is really like. 


When you’re focused on what you don’t have and thinking negatively, there’s a good chance you’re not getting enough exercise.  Regular physical activity releases endorphins, which make you calmer and happier. Stand at your computer for a portion of your work day instead of sitting all day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. 

Several studies indicate that as little as ten minutes a day of exercise can improve your mood. Happy people are less likely to be anxious, and can think more clearly. You don’t need to run a marathon to bump up your happiness quotient. Ten minutes of walking, stretching or biking a day will make you feel better. 

Getting 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise five days a week will improve your physical and mental health, according to the American Heart Association.     

Express Yourself Creatively 

Release any pent-up jealousies or sadness by expressing yourself through art. Write in a journal, draw, paint, or sing karaoke. Creativity is cheaper than therapy, and you may discover some hidden talents.  

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others 

Your job may give you a six-figure income, an impressive job title, or allow you to travel all over the world, but if you always compare yourself to people who make more money, you’ll never be happy.   

Delete your social media accounts or limit your time online. Jealousy, resentment and feelings of low-self-worth are common reactions experienced by Facebook users who invest too much time and emotion in what other people post. 

Ignore gossiping co-workers and neighbors. Stay focused on your own life and concentrate on your goals without becoming consumed by them. This will take practice if you have a Type-A personality, but the peace of mind you’ll attain makes it worthwhile. 


Emotional Balance, Nutrients and Wheatgrass

Maintaining good physical health is important for a happy, successful life. A diet of fresh, natural food will help your body stay healthy, but it can also help you stay emotionally balanced. Occasional anxiety or depression may lead to feelings of self-doubt, and that can lead to the disease of more.

Reduce the amount of sugar, salt and processed foods in your diet. Cut down on alcohol and caffeine. You’ll also need to make sure you get enough brain vitamins and mineral, such as magnesium, calcium, zinc and B vitamins. 

Happy Girl Mood Enhancing Supplement contains wheatgrass, a superfood that has hundreds of nutrients. Wheatgrass has amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants to keep you focused and calm. This supplement is an all-natural solution to fatigue and occasional anxiety.

Happy Girl also has a proprietary blend of herbs, including gingko biloba, Siberian ginseng, ginger, green tea extract and gotu kola. These ingredients help enhance mood, circulation and keep you focused. Learn more about Happy Girl here.   

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