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Wheatgrass Supplements San Francisco

Wheatgrass Supplements San Francisco

Companies supplying wheatgrass supplements in San Francisco have boasted about their wheatgrass benefits for years! It’s not uncommon for many health-conscious people to use wheatgrass in their juicing. There’s a less common, but much more convenient, way to get your daily wheagrass fix. The quicker, and more effective way for San Francisco fans of wheatgrass to get their wheatgrass benefits is through the products sold by Delicious, super-charged chocolate wafers packed with wheatgrass have now come to San Francisco!

Natural Power in a wafer…

The lifestyle of the Bay Area celebrates healthy choices. To help your body fight the effects of stress and age, you need to add supplements to your diet to help you cleanse the toxins from your system regularly. The human body needs the proper blend of nutrients for optimal performance. Zeal O2 from WheatgrassLove offers all of the good stuff we need for healthy weight management. One of the key and unique ingredients, Citrus Auranthium, has been studied, tested, and PROVEN to help you lose unwanted fat. Citrus Auranthium helps you lose fat by reacting with the Beta 3 cell receptor, which controls stored fat.

Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine for a modern lifestyle!

In addition to burning fat, Citrus Auranthium has been proven to build lean muscle, especially when combined with exercise. Bay Area residents love to be outdoors every day, which is the perfect opportunity to get a workout in. Although it's not required to exercise in order to see results with Zeal O2, we highly recommend an active lifestyle. Enjoy the sunshine… after all, it creates the chlorophyll that is the most active and effective ingredient in Zeal O2.