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Happy Girl FAQ

When is the best time to take Happy Girl?
HappyGirl is best when taken in the morning with a smoothie or breakfast. Its time release formula will work throughout the day when you need it the most.

Will Happy Girl keep me up at night?
HappyGirl mood enhancement supplements are designed to give you energy and optimal performance and should not be taken in the evening. We suggest HappyGirl be taken between morning and early afternoon.

Can my teen or husband take Happy Girl?
Yes. HappyGirl is perfect for growing teens and men who would like energy and vitality throughout the day.

I am taking other holistic/wellness products, can I still take Happy Girl?
Yes, but please consult with your health care provider for interactions, etc.

Do I take Happy Girl "as needed" or daily?
HappyGirl is most effective when taken daily.

When will I start feeling/seeing the results of Happy Girl?
You will feel HappyGirl within minutes, especially when blended in a smoothie.

I noticed an increase in my eliminations since taking Happy Girl, is that normal?
Yes, that’s normal. It's part of the cleansing and detoxification process.

I am losing inches, but not weight since I've been taking Happy Girl. What's happening to me?
Good news! You’re losing body fat and creating muscle. One of the key ingredients in HappyGirl is Citrus Auranthium. It helps build muscle, which weighs more than fat but takes up less space. What you’re noticing is the feeling of a firm and more muscular body while carrying less fat.

How long can I take Happy Girl? A month? A year? Forever?
HappyGirl has been designed for you to take your entire lifetime.