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REVV Energy

Boost your energy and mental focus, detoxify, and bolster your immune system with the healthy and delicious REVV chocolate mint chewables.

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Zeal O2

Manage your weight with the 100% all-natural Zeal O2™, that has a blend of more than two dozen healthy, mindful organic ingredients.

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Enhance and energize yourself with the all-natural, organic ingredient-based HappyGirl mood enhancer that helps create a feeling of well-being.

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About WheatgrassLove.com

WheatgrassLove products are America's leading wheatgrass supplements for anybody who wants to lead a healthy, active lifestyle ... period. It's become the fastest growing health supplement because of the proven wheatgrass benefits and positive effect on energy level, emotional health, weight management, and so much more. WheatgrassLove harnesses the incredible power of wheat grass and combines it with over two dozen other herbal ingredients to create a powerhouse supplement.

Unlike the stories you may have read about other vitamins and supplements, our wheatgrass supplements have undergone extensive independent study and U.S. board certified testing in order to guarantee what is listed on the bottle is exactly what you're getting. The oxygenating and detoxifying power of chlorophyll in wheatgrass brings your body the amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, and other essential nutrients it needs. All-natural herbs and superfoods like ginger and green tea are added to feed your body's natural ability to boost energy, control your appetite, and improve your mood in a safe, gentle way. WheatgrassLove delivers the wheatgrass benefits your body demands and deserves.

"Like carrying a shot of wheatgrass juice with you!"

"REVV is the best energy product I have tried, and now is the only energy product I use. Besides giving the level of energy I need during workouts and tennis, the clarity I receive is the best extra benefit. The fact that the main ingredient is Wheatgrass is a big bonus. Having a roll of wafers in my bag at all times means I have the health benefits of having a shot of Wheatgrass when I need it, at all times."

-- Dawn E., Encinitas

Moms, business people, athletes, students ... nearly everyone loves REVV wheatgrass supplements for a natural burst of mental acuity delivered in a tasty mint-chocolate flavored chewable wafer. If you're metaphorically AND literally trimming the fat, harness the power of Zeal O2 to control your appetite and manage your weight. Happy Girl mood enhancer is the wheatgrass tablet that will help balance the negative impact of anxiety, depression, and the “blahs”. There's something for everyone, whether you're looking for more energy, a healthier body, or an edge in the battle with anxiety.

Check out our blog for posts about the benefits of wheatgrass, exercise tips, holistic health suggestions, and more. Research materials and guides are available in our store, along with our range of beneficial wheatgrass supplements. Feel the WheatgrassLove today!