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Nutraceutical Supplement

Nutraceutical Supplement

Nutraceutical Supplement

Finally, a nutraceutical  supplement that really works!  Wheatgrass as a nutraceutical is a natural ONE-TWO punch that delivers safe effective nutrition. In REVV we add the restorative powers of amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, and other essential nutrients. Happy Girl, REVV, and Zeal O2 are Wheatgrass nutraceutical supplements that combine the results of modern research and proven ancient methods. 

“Natural effectiveness….”

The products of WheatgrassLove combine wheatgrass with other natural herbs, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), superfoods, enzymes and more to achieve some of the same effects as pharmaceutical medicines…without the adverse side effects!

Food based solutions that work!

The appeal of using a nutraceutical supplement is in using food-based nutrients that come directly from nature, which means it’s already healthy to consume while also offering countless benefits. Wheatgrass in particular is popular for its abundance of chlorophyll, which aids in everything from oxygenating the blood to honing mental acuity. Rather than relying on excessive sugars or other additives that could result in a crash, a nutraceutical supplement utilizes energy directly from plant and food sources to give a similar effect with NO downside. This is how our bodies are meant to be energized!

Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine for today’s pace of life!

We create all of our products, from REVV to Happy Girl, and Zeal O2,  with natural botanical herbs, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) techniques, superfoods, vitamins, and enzymes. While our focus is on organic wheatgrass, we bolster it with powerful foods like cocoa, periwinkle herb, green tea, and other powerful herbs and elements derived directly from nature. Each product we offer features a unique combination targeted to a specific outcome, from mood enhancement to weight management. These supplements will leave you feeling naturally elevated and ready to take on the world!