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Your Complete Cocoa Guide

Your Complete Cocoa Guide

Your Complete Cocoa Guide

Cocoa: Good and Good for You

What will you learn?

Here’s good news: Drinking cocoa isn’t bad for your health; it’s just the opposite. Cocoa’s flavonoids have three times the antioxidants of green tea, prevent damage to your arteries keeps your blood platelets-free so you avoid potentially life terminating clots.

The Harvard Medical School has published the results of a multi-year study that shows there’s one special compound, epicatechin, contained in cocoa so important to the human body that it should be considered a vitamin.

Want to learn more?

Just drinking ordinary cocoa won’t give you this life-enhancing compound. But as you’ll learn in our guide, it’s removed in the manufacturing process. But wheatgrass lets you get the epicatechin you need naturally.

LifeForce Nutraceuticals’ cocoa guide provides you with a wealth of information about the health benefits of drinking cocoa—and lots of it.

By ordering Your Complete Cocoa Guide today, you can learn how to begin to enjoy cocoa and get the disease-fighting benefits right away. Call us at (858) 587-0829 or click below to order your guide now.

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